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New Video on the Google+ Redesign and #usesforwhitespace ... Go ahead and SHARE!
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I don't really notice the whitespace. Like you said, almost every single website has some whitespace. Especially Facebook.
no space for me i have a 4:3 screen with 1024x768
It's not about the whitespace, its about it beeing in the center of the website, it would be easy to move the feed in center or not do use whole width of the browser. new ui looks great btw
You could use the #whitespace to store another box of Cheerios
He used the word timeline. Ought he have done that?
? Designers these days. G+ led a redesign of Google properties less than a year ago and here we go again? Personally, I like a little contrast in my world. This one is harder to read than the last downgrade.
I like the layout, there is too much white space... it's kinda awkward.
You got me with Betty White.
Jon Lee
If you chat on your google+ then the chat window sits nicely on that white space =]
Great job!

PS: it's never going to turn into ad space. Wanna bet?
+Marcelo Camelo Thanks!
I've heard it confirmed that this is indeed reserved for something else. We'll see what it turns out to be!
i kinda like your voice. it's sexxeh. :P
don't get me wrong. i'm straight. :)
Dude, you must really like Honey Nut Cheerios :D
Hey Marques I have a burning question I've been wanting to ask you. Ok so I bought the March 2011 mbp 13" w/ thunderbolt last yr and I love it because I'm a college student, but it turned out that for most of the material I use my laptop for the screen was just not cutting it. So my question is that I was thinking of selling my mbp 13" and try to buy the equivalent version for the 15" instead. But I wasn't sure if I could make enough money off my laptop to buy the 15" because I don't want to pay so much for the difference. And btw I have kept my laptop in great condition. So is it worth it and is Amazon the best choice to look for a replacement or the apple store or another 3rd party retailer? If you could give me your true opinion, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again and I watch everyone of your videos, great content as I always say.
+Nahom Teklemariam If you're getting it for he spec upgrade, it should be worth the price from a third party. If you need more specifics, feel free to message me and I can help ya out!
I really like the Google+ design. Good video!
Or you could not maximize your bowser.
Enjoying the redesign - nice and simple... also love the rhino T-shirt can I +1 the T-shirt :-)
You didn't add the CAT ONE?! How could you miss that? Seriously, as big as Caturday!
It's ok that +Google+ steals ideas from facebook because fb stole ideas from +Google+. Everyone steals everything! lol

Love the new layout minus the #whitespace
whitespace purpose: increase G+ engagement
Nice insight. I hated the new look until now.
How much is Cheerios paying you for that product placement there? And if nothing, why is Cheerios not paying you for the product placement of Cheerios...? :) I only noticed the white space cause of the thread on #whitespace ...
bro there is a problem
i cant see youtube link on the page
but only on the toolbar
Watched this one and ended up watching 10 more videos from you. Nice job!
Im looking for some friends to continue playing this game.
Great info thanks, didnt know about the white space.
You are hilarious. Thank you for making this vid.
everyone who keeps complaining about white space: press Ctrl and + till you have your whitespace minimized
ahahahah...white as in BETTY WHITE,...wahahahaha
Damn me too, I also have the 27" iMac and it sucks! But I still like the change =)
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