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New Video - Google Innovations at WWDC 2012! +1 if you enjoy/agree! #WWDC  
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yeah, I'm chuffed by the new MB(HD)Pro too
I love the fact they are getting rid of moving parts. 
no optical drive, SSD only, that's what I like!
IOS is a copy Android. So nothing new. Android needs to sue seriously. So they can have a taste of theirs own medicine. 
This if off topic but don't you think that Apple is trying stop the Samsung Galaxy S 3 coming to US because they want the iPhone to sell?
Hey +Marques Brownlee Can you make a review on the Lenovo U310 or Lenovo U400 laptops? The U310 is and ultrabook, and the U400 is just like the MacBook Pro. Anyway, I really liked your video and gave it a thumbs up.
Google io is going to be so much better and cant eait to see what this new asus nexus tablet with a tegra 3
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