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Thoughts for your Friday/weekend. #truth  
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Well my weekend is more to revision and extensive revision for my upcoming exam this sunday noon. Hopefully I'll finish my masters soon..
But the rejection is rewarding with internet imploder!
True.. And i'm scared to
Comment on ur post because your so popular on g+! And my inbox is flooded!
Because everybody comments!
I think It's use is to help download another browser like Google Chrome when you have just reinstalled your computer.
And what do we usually say to internet explorer ? "Not today".

So no, I'm not asking her out ^^
Actually, in Microsoft they are thinking about changing its name... :)
Should be a clause or asterisk in there somewhere saying, does not apply to married folk. 
Roel Mata
+Marques Brownlee I don't understand, Internet Explorer is my default browser!

Lol just kidding! Chrome all the way! 
+Arthur Zakaryan If you need to be specifically reminded of that, they you shouldn't be married.
And you will get rejected just like Internet Explorer.
As we avoid internet explorer, The girl will avoid me same way lol ;)
So will you use chrome, firefox,opera or the explorer
Chrome is the new IE lol, damn ram usage lol
But internet explorer isn't that bad these days...
+David Chou chrome isn't that much of a ram hog by itself.. But adblocks multiply its use per page by a LOT.
+David Chou true...check out the Tab Hibernation Extension for Chrome. Solved my problem. 
the answer is no..... in both cases!!!
+Sa'ad Suleman maybe for you ;) 
btw I am using chrome, just to make that one out
It keeps asking even after getting turned down repeatedly. That's a life lesson right there.
ie is the best browser in windows 8.1pc!!!!!!!
And its my default browser😒😒
I like it coz it easily allows me to access my android phone remotely... How generous can a browser get...
My boss didn't like chrome and states that IE is better.
Does this mean you're comparing yourself to Internet Explorer?
So true lol. But I always reject IE so doesn't that mean she will say no?
...But you always say no to IE...
IE doesn't ask, it forces itself upon you, and violates you :-(
Maybe IE isn't the best role model to look to... It's slow, has a bad reputation, and always gives you excuses. 
Literally, I just laugh so hard at the office and people stare at me like 😨
Sometimes i feel like IE is just a sad little browser trying to make friends :(
Chrome or Firefox on Linux
"Maybe she would like me because I seem useless."
There's a difference between brave enough & stupid enough 
 +Marques Brownlee  Though, Internet Explorer, if it were decent, would NOT NEED TO ASK,  since it is the default browser in Windows and since it is not found on any other OS other than WINDOWS.     Why would it need to ask unless you found it so crappy it drove you into the arms of another browser.   Internet Explorer is that guy in the corner with drool running from the corner of his mouth and donkey breath with body odor that makes the smell of a skunk seem as if you were running through a meadow of fragrant flowers!
I cannot in good conscience +1 a post that compares me to Internet Explorer.
but i would say no to explorer as she would say no to me. lol
Sometimes Internet Explorer doesn't ask, it just becomes.
In reality, Microsoft has really stepped up its game. IE11 is pretty impressive. Internet Explorer is the second most popular browser, but I think we all know why. 😉
never Google Chrome for life
You know what your right 
It's just clever enough to give you the impression you've got no other option.
IE is my default browser on my laptop!!!
Windows 8.1 with IE 11 is a beast, i dont care what anyone says. The browser tests speak for themselves. IE was BAD for a long time, but today that just isn't true anymore. 

As far as women, if your not blessed with god given make a bitch wanna suck you off even after you called her a bitch looks. You can always get more money, cuz theres always a ten that will fuck with you no matter your looks if your moneys right. Also you can join the military, no Navy, no Airforce something in a combat MOS. There is something about the understated confidence and pure pent up rage of a combat troop that women love. If you got all three....... well then you'd be me. 

In the end women just want to feel safe and secure, both financially and bodily so make sure you can offer that and you'll have no problems. That's from experience, haven't been told no since middle school and im 33.
You never know if you don't ask, you might be surprised. The really amazing women don't get approached much. 
God damit i didn't know this truth, i should keep away this thing away from my girl friend
Possibly the most inspirational and motivational words ever...
I'll ask another girl instead..Googirl is her name.
fortes relacionamentos com os books...
passagem para amplos conhecimentosssss...
I need to go for it then if internet is brave enough then I should be too, lol
IE is the best browser....when you need to download other browsers. 
When I only need to browse I use Chrome.  When I need to conserve memory for other applications I use IE(11).

Different needs, different browsers.  Hmm.  Might have to ask more than one girl out...
Are you trying to say I have a 100% chance of rejection?
It actually isn't all that bad on Windows 8. Although Chrome is still our lord.
Well... I know then what the girl is going to say.... NOOOO!
This is completely true as internet explorer is horrible.
I don't even use IE to download other browsers. I have a saved shortcut to download chrome from on my NAS. When I do an install or system refresh, I go right to the shortcut and start the download before I even hit the web for the first time. 
They wont do that because I been set chrome is my default
Problem is, you have to actually open IE for it to ask you...
Microsoft does some things very well. For example, Excel is one of the best applications ever written. Internet Explorer, on the other hand, can only be described as ...somewhat functional in comparison to practically any other browser, especially those based on Webkit.
Kind of misleading, still funny tho.

But misleading cause IE asks you from the safety behind a computer. Us guys have to ask the girl out to her face which can be 10x more terrifying (we still do it tho) just saying the scenario is different cause we don't have that safety net :-p
Yh but that means rejection is inevitable :/ :p
I would have uninstalled IE, if there was an option to do so.
the only time I have used IE is to get chrome.
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