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You saw it here first - Google Docs is getting Voice typing.
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Watch Google Drive emerge with Google Now...
So I turn it on in a lecture and I have an auto note taking app?
Josh Jett
Google's move towards speech as a UI is becoming more pervasive. It's clear they want us talking to our devices. Hopefully tgis means voice recognition and natural language processing will be the focus of much improvement. 
I kind of want to write a essay now. Oh, wait... I mean speak ;)
You can say "period".
Uh oh.. I suspect annoyance from the non American-English speakers. Unless Google allow you to add your own voice controlled punctuation marks like "full stop". 
Not the same but I've written things in docs using SwiftKey voice recognition 
Still waiting for a Google version of OneNote... Help us students out. Preferably with an Android app and pen support .
Good luck with it understanding my Irish accent!
If it is better than the google voice speech recognition, I'm in.
Wow, this would be great! Can't wait to try this out.
So this is how The Keyboard dies, with thunderous applause.. 
I can see myself walking around the room with a cigar in my hand and telling Google Docs what to write.... Lol
I can't wait to have 25 students speaking into their Chromebooks at once. It used to be so quiet when they were all typing...
Really... Wow that is awesome.
Epic. Can't wait
Now I don't have to use it on my phone, then open my desktop browser, then paste from my browser to the open word document! 
Saves time and effort! I'm almost done with my Master's "writing" essays this way!
I don't have access to my Chromebook, or any other computer for that matter at the moment. Is this enabled through labs, flags, or is it only for google trusted testers?
About a year ago I actually made a little HTML file on my computer to do this for me using the chrome functions that are built in. Works great but this will save a step.
That is a double edge situation with a big plus and a minus. On one hand it will enable a while new set of people that can use the service that wasn't able to before. But the cost of voice typing is that now Google will be indexing more of everyone's voice signature.
That's awesome. Thanks for the heads up. 
Nice! But what if I wanted to actually use the word "period" and the phrase "new line"? Oh the crazy!
It's funny because I was using the drive app on my phone with voice input already and I was scratching my head wondering why I couldn't do that on the web. I have dictated a few papers now and I feel pretty great about it
I would prefer audio recording like Evernote.
Overstated. I'm sorry. It just is.

Won't be used while taking notes in class.

Won't be used while your girlfriend or wife is laying in bed with you.

Won't be used at coffee shops. 

Won't be used when you're at meetings.

Won't be used in an office with coworkers around.

Won't be used by authors because backspace is the equivalent of "I mean or I meant". Which voice doesn't understand. Example: Let's go to Burger King... no, wait... let's make that McDonalds.

Sorry to be rational. But this is as overstated as 3D Printing. 
Alex A
My wpm just increased
+Jacob Williams... Maybe you don't have a headset... But i do. And use it often... Actually use this in Google Keep to take notes
Do you need Chrome Beta to use this or you can use it with Chrome 33?
+Joel Jr McCracken A significant amount of our time is spent in the company of others. If I was at a party/concert/church/atheist conference/elevator/coffee line/ect and someone was txting using Siri, I would interrupt and ask them to be a normal human being.

We can't dramatically change what's acceptable in the presence of others, so we typically form our habits around those variables.

Jesus. I'm writing like a robot. Sorry. 
That's sweet. I'll definitely use it.
What if you need to use the words "period" and "new line" in your passage? Hmm. :/
+Sean Baker Lol, yeah. This is what I get for watching MKBHD and listening to Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

Is Skeptical Optimist a thing? I want to be that.

The 3D printing community is like a religious cult. I have to poke their sacred cow by reminding them everyone has the ability to grow their own food but doesn't.
i remember, in one of your videos you asked for it
Its only natural.  The question is: What took so long?
Do you realize how awkward it'll be when you're taking in front of screen and people see you 
+Jacob Williams 3D printing is faaaaaaar from overstated. And I would use this for writing papers at school. Do you know how much your pinkies hurt after 2 hours of typing papers?
+Marques Brownlee do you think this will make it easier to make a transcript of your videos? Maybe even take that transcript and send it to Google Translate to reach a broader audience?
I cant wait for my account to get it. It must be a staged rollout.
Punctuation never worked in Non-English on Android, so I do not expect it to work in Drive either.
Great! Hope it's better than what's on Google Keep.
Bummer for me. I have a speech impediment. :(
Got the S Pen. But having more options is good. 
I have been doing this on my nexus for over a month now....specially when in text mode
Does it recognise "click to speak"?
What took them so long? They've been sitting on this technology for ages. Anyway who cares it's here now lolz
how did you get this, not on mine?
Not working in my accounts. Do you have to do something to install it? 
yeah! ... now, the feature that I need is that my notebook listen to my teachers! :D
I wonder how Facebook will try to steal this idea
Any eta on when it goes live to public?
At a. Of - "Google, I meant period!" (Google I meant.)
Awesome. Google keeps finding ways to make life just a little more easy.
this could be helpful for hearing impaired people, when talking to lip readers their phone could clarify words they may have misinterpreted.

Integrated into glass it would be an awesome real-time subtitling.... and eventually a global language translator.  
That's awesome. It's about time. Now typing will get much easier.
I have to agree with +Sean-M Riesterer if it's anything like the moto X or even Google Glass it's going to be pretty accurate. I do see +Jacob Williamspoint though with the back space. I personally would use it a lot. People thought the moto X' touchless control was a gimmick (as did I) but I use it constantly. I barely type anymore. 
Finally, someone then can build a movie subtitle generator, right?
+Lap Fung Lee I hope so. but it might be a while before we get a subtitle generator thats any good. There is so much audio in movies that needs to be subtitled that isn't speech.
Hopefully they have it before my next blah report
Should have been much better if Gmail got this one first.
Will the increase in speech recognition use lead to Google's speech recognition improving?
Maybe now I can drop dragon speaking software to blog.
+Jeremy Collins because he said "you saw it here first."If there was anything else on it you wouldn't of seen it first from him
+Jeremy Collins Why would he get special privilege? I don't know. Why would he get to interview the CEO of Motorola and get phones like the Galaxy Round and G-Flex before they were released here, and why is Tesla contacting him and wanting to work with him? Maybe because he has major success on YouTube? 
When will this be released?
THAT'S SO AWESOME. Hope they support languages other than English - I mean, in Portuguese there's no way to build a complete text with "period" and "new line"-like commands. 
I been done that. All u have to do is open the same document on your computer and on your Android phone and speak to do it.
But this is impressive for Google to incorporate it to Google Docs
Will N
Could I use my laptop for editing videos? Or do. I have to have a custom desktop computer? Like yours 
+P Chandra Maybe now I can drop dragon speaking software to blog.
Cloud processing versus local processing e.g. speech recognition
I needed to upgrade my computer to run the latest version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The recommended system requirements call for a Intel Pentium 2.2 GHz (dual 1.8 GHz core processor) or equivalent AMD processor, and 4 GB or more of RAM.
What are the requirements for Google’s free speech recognition? You just need an Internet connection. I’ve had no major problems dictating Gmail messages on my Nexus 10 with its speech recognition.

If you have a heftier computer system, You can change a slider in Dragon
for more accuracy, but slower performance. With Google’s speech recognition, it’s nice that the processing is done on a massive server farm that is far away.
This is a major win for the disability communities. Nuance has somewhat of a disinterest for user groups that write open source extensions for their speech recognition program (in fairness, some of the speech extensions offer functionalities that their products deliver, except the extensions are free, and can sometimes do much more).
This is already an open source, free, speech recognition program for commands called Palaver, and it uses Google's voice APIs on the back-end. The community grew very fast, and I’m guessing it’s because the speech recognition is free.
(Dragon may still be dominant, but I see Google dictation recognition recognize some of the most obscure terms that I try to throw at it. I suppose that free speech recognition on the leading search engine, and without needing a powerful local processor = more users to submit their voice samples, and correction data).
(On a side note on accessibility, I hope Google considers working with manufacturers to put an eye tracker into devices like Android phones, and Chromebooks.

There are consumer-level eye trackers that are available now, and were demoed at CES and MWC.

An external eye tracker device can cost $99, but if manufacturers of smartphone, tablet, notebook, and laptop modify the existing built-in camera in these devices, and add an upgraded sensor, it’s supposed to only add five dollars to the manufacturing costs.
If you have a vertically propped up tablet with an external keyboard, or laptop, you could remap a keyboard button to be the “tap where I’m looking” button.
Look, touch a “single tap where I’m looking” button, look, and then touch the same button again. You don’t have to keep changing your hand and finger positions between each tap.

It would be very convenient if you could use the tracker to narrow down the context to a smaller area within your current gaze, which would limit the targets for speech to match, and consequently increase the accuracy of speech recognition.
Notably, Google has been granted an eye tracking patent that involves recording advertisement impressions through eye focus with pay-per-gaze, and another patent that demonstrates a method to unlock a device by having a sensor in a head-mounted accessory track the patterns of the pupil.
Cheap, mass-market eye-trackers would be absolutely amazing for the disability communities).
Maceo T
Although you could already do it on android...
That is gonna be interesting...
Hope it works better than GV speech to text voicemail thing does or it's DOA from the start
+Andrew Darling I've been opening documents on my phone and my computer at the same time and using the voice typing from the phone. You can see it pop up on the screen as you speak.
I knew it was coming, it not impressive to me because of that, but it useful when we want to dictate our words.
I wish this was just a little bit closer to truth dictation. But it's a great start.
+Abhinav Madahar Actually it does not work to add fullstop, or fullstop, or anything into the automatic replace settings and have it work with voice typing from phone at least. At least not using the voice typing on the phone into google docs.
But still - there is a bit more of a source needed. Nobody - NOONE actually claimed to have used the feature inside google docs on the computer yet. Or? Not even the author of the post.
Well, it seems like it was an april fools joke last year.
And I actually meant some kind of information that supports it NOT being any kind of joke. Any kind.
This is the ONLY source I can find.  Please provide a source.
It not an april fool joke, I agree with +Daniel Petersen, it is coming, I have noticed that it was coming since long ago, if it were false, why would I be even able to use those google features already? I noticed it in google drive once, but I tend to type with my voice sometime either way through google. I already do voice search, it more accurate than Siri, but it still funny sometimes. 
My grand kids will walk into an antique shop and see landline telephones, CDs and now keyboards.
+Brendan Tjahjadi , it will be a little while before that happen, but I won't be using the speech to text system later as I have hearing disability, and I like the feedback of a keyboard, so that not going to disappear with me, touchscreen lack feedback and alway misclick with my hand, so you know, i'm staying with tactile keyboards, I want a tablet and a laptop, but I don't like either of them alone, I like them both in one, so I have access to keyboard when I need it, touchscreen if it pleases me, but I don't like the regular version of convertible (Keyboard disattach tablet), I prefer the "Flip tablet, flip it a laptop".
+Mattias Davidsson , it might of actually be a add-on that activated that feature as I don't see it anymore (deleted lot of add-ons including voices add-ons as it made the browser slow on startup), but when I had it, it worked as well as the google voice search. I just did not feel too comfortable using it as I prefer having something tactile for writing.
Sean K
Where is this voice recognition feature in Google Drive or Google doc?   I opened up Google document and look for that toolbar button.  I dont see it.  I tried with chrome and firefox browser on mac osx.
Great for students with fine motor developmental delays.
Sounds interesting but it'll need to work better than speech to text on my nexus 5, which works but is only really partially useful and practical in certain daily circumstances...
oh my god that's such good news. no more typing notes
i haven't it in my google docs...
WHERE IS THIS?! I need this ASAP. Like, yesterday. 
how do i activate this on my new drive...please help
Doesn't exist, Yet. No word on when it's coming out
Thank u afzal i thought it was just me lol cant wait 
+Jacob Williams Try out "Dragon" developed by Nuance. It's voice to text software which is crazy accurate. I think you'll be surprised by how good it really is.
Couldn't agree with Jonathan more. His post was April 22, they've been talking about this since March, they are taking their SWEET ASS TIME WITH IT.  As a former software developer, how difficult can this be when it is ubiquitous everywhere else on Android?

Congrats Google, you are now moving at Microsoft speeds!
Hey, I was excited when I first saw this, when you think it'll roll out?
It's already out on your android or iphone/ipad.
+Ryan Martin it seems I saw that capability somewhere. The corrects take so much time as it is it negates some of the benefits. +Mike Downes did you post that capability or remember it?
+Hector G. Diaz Agrees the void command is on the Keyboard. It isn't accurate. I've spent more time correcting than creating.
+Stuart O'Neill You asked me this a while back -- this post was Mar 14, mobile docs offers voice, desktop, not so much that I can see..
Nothing since the initial blast around March 14th. I just found a great use for this (taking a voice over audio track from a video and turning it into step by step instructions) and I found that it still hasn't been implemented. :/

I guess I'll try it on my phone?
When is it coming out? (Soon I hope so I don't have to practice typing anymore. No need!)
Wtf I've never seen this before. Is it available outside America?
From what I can tell, this product never actually landed. I haven't been able to find any tools or references to it. Nothing uses the Google voice to text engine except Android and the web.
I always use Google Docs. Does anyone possible know when it will come?
After searching on here, I set it up on my Samsung phone and tablet, just go to the play store and install Google keyboard and open it and flow the instructions to set it up and you can then use voice typing in any ago.
+Mike Downes​ et. Al. I use voice search consistently. Yet using voice transcription I cannot find the same set of commands, simple commands, that I do in Dragon.

Making a paragraph is not intuitive or available in speech typing so far as I know. It's my belief that this version is a step forward in capability. I'll test it after a doctors appointment today. If it were the same we wouldn't be seeing another announcement today. Or so I feel.
I use Firefox, so don't have it yet..... Chrome drags my computer down, with 5-6 system instances... anyone know how to get chrome working better?

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