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Fullsize Google Now Wallpapers!

The actual artist behind Google Now's stock backgrounds has actually uploaded them uploaded to his Flickr Profile, plus some of his other artwork for everyone to enjoy. Check it out!
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Great and fun +Marques Brownlee i would say they are Amazing wallpapers as a fun of an intelligent personal assistant for Google's Android.
I don't like them never have,be nice if Google gave us option to change Now backgrounds. Just non of them in anyway related to to anything in my location all I get is the fern the jobby and variations of snow topped high peaks .
I can tell there is much more other than thees, in france you get the Eiffel tour, egypt you get the pyramids, etc...
On that second wallpaper... Is that that asshole Bob the bear from Chrome's cube stack experiment?
+Michal Polinski I had your same thought but I passed to Google keep and I love it. It has everything u need and it's easily synced with all of your devices.... Give it a try! :-)
Bryce C
I always get the city background.

Makes sense because 95% of the time I am in NYC.
thank you, I looking for these quite a while
Will I ever be able to get this on my Samsung GS2?
Tee Jay
There's an app that uses these and changes background with the time... GoogleNow Wallpapers HD. 
+Alex Cronin ,that's theme suits these wallpapers . thanks for letting me know about this theme :-) 
Did anyone else notice that he uploaded them to Flickr and not Google+/Picassa?
Dude... Lol, now has different backgrounds? :D
+Himanshu Mendhe no. because he is an artist so much more storage on flickr is better for him imo. i dont see nothing special about it
Does work for Google.
Uses Yahoo service to display them.
There is definitely more but these are still nice to have.
Everyday i open youtube just once and sincerely hope that there is atleast one new video from shane dawson or you
.......pls increase the frequency of ur uploads ( if possible ) 
There is an app in Google play that allows you to chose the as an wallpaper all the Google now art work 
مش بطالة .. بجربها
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