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Worked really hard on this one - Samsung Galaxy Note II Review!

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I really enjoyed your transitions and visuals on this video.
Very nice review! Keep it up! Best reviewer out here!! 
Nice Job Marques, i love the cinematography in this video. The slider shot from right-high to left-low was my favourite, and then the out of focus lean in to focus (did you play that in reverse??) was a close second, good to see that you are experimenting.
I love your reviews man. I'm still torn because I'm still on my Galaxy Nexus and I don't think I could ever step away from the Nexus line... but this phone MIGHT do it for me if Verizon doesn't destroy it. 
Great review on this phone as I am seriously considering it compared to the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. What can you tell me about the music experience when compared to the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch? 
Nice job. Even though I am not a big fan of the Samsung phones, you got me thinking about going to the store again and take a second look. Keep it up.
+Marques Brownlee you did a very artistic like review and even sold me even more on getting the Note 2.  Looking forward  to seeing more of your reviews that are as artistic as this.
My contract is up on Oct 31. This will be my first choice, thanks for the review. 
This one was a good one it made me desire having a note again, but I think I'll stick with the Nexus brand 
Cool in this one video I learned a lot more about the galaxy 3 good job
Prash D
Great to see some CyanogenMod wallpapers in there :)

Nice review, I believe this will be my next device, the white note 2 will compliment nicely with my white metawatch.  With the watch I don't have to take it out to see the notifications so it'll be a perfect marriage of usefulness.
Yes, it's very nice but I don't need a Note 2 video every day.  
very good review like always
your hard work really shows, awesome video! 
The multitasking mode looks smoother than Note 10.1.
If so I really appreciate that beastly feature!
I hope Verizon takes pre-orders for the Note 2 after Samsung's announcement in NY this 24th. 
Nice review...I already wanted this phone and now I want it even more!
whyyyyy man, why must you like this phone that much. My S3 just came back from being reflashed and now you make me want to upgrade again! looks like im selling my S3 n my nexus for the note 2 :(
D White
Great review! I'm using GNexus I was considering the GS3 but the Note 2 looks like a winner!
Gave you a plus one even before I watched it. It's a Note 2,that's why! 
Also i think your production is better than The Verge. 
I just enjoy Samsung's products and anything Korean made.^^
How is service and coverage, my g 3struggels evreywhere
Nick H
Great Review.  I'm looking forward to this bad boy on Verizon.
brother amazing review really i got all the info in 10 min :) ill subscribe to ur ch if u have 
Nice review, nice device from Samsung.. I hope the S3 get some of this multitasking skills.. +Marques Brownlee why all reviews from the note 10.1 claims for low performance and this 5.5 is so fast? Don't they have similar hardware? 
That was the best review I have seen in a long time. I say go ahead and do the comparison video, I have the S3 so im interested to see what your gonna have to say. 
+Lyn Scott There were also some adjustments made that have the Note 2's multitasking working MUCH better.
One of the best review on note 2. Thx!
Thanks for the great review! I am looking fir a new bigger phone... Would really love to see what I am doing. Still on my first smart phone. An LG. Really am not impressed with mine!
Great review.  I will have it when it is available on T-Mobile
Great review... and fair too..
Another great job Marques! Thanks for the review.

  I'm sure the "rocking" will be taken care of with most, if not all protective cases. Which is a good idea for protection anyway. 
excellent review presentation... informative with style.
I Josh
Hey alright. Nice!!!!
Great review. God I want this phone.
I Josh
Thanks man!
Chris H
Great review.  It's "the quick brown fox jumps" not jumped, otherwise you don't get to practice your s.
marques, this is a great review! video quality & editing, subjects covered, sound quality, and writing! definitely sharing and now following you man. favorite line, "in landscape mode like a bawse"
ahh..making me crazy..!!!
he could continue with "... the lazy dogs." though.

hehe, but yeah, this is a sweet phone, except mine has a dark band :(

also, it's not too large after you get used to it.  now, i think the iphone is too small.

and yes, thanks for this review, found out some features i haven't used yet.  :)
Nice review. Although I holding out for the next Google nexus phone 
Ben Moo
Great review! 
Thanks man. Like the review and love the note and looking forward to the note 2.
Great review! Telus is getting this phone soon. Can't wait to see if for real.
Both note II and S3 rocks,.. I only wish that the new S3 mini keep the same level.. Please +Samsung Mobile do not crop too much the specs. Keep 720p screen, at least 1.2 dual core.. Don't go behind the specs of S2 (Feb 2011 phone)..
Kovy R
You really worked hard on putting a phone under a video camera? Ive always hated your reviews. Your a dumbass. 
Dude-ya done good! Looking forward to your next review ;)
Touchwiz is still not doing it for me.
You just sold me on The Note 2. Great product!!
It's a big phone but I like it..
Thanks Marques
Awesome Review! Kinda remind me of The Verge's but hey it's cool! ;)
What a lovely phone and a lovely marketer there!! Keep it up.
Great review and great phone! Marques - you are a star!
+Marques Brownlee hey man great review. Before your review, didn't look at the Galaxy Note 2 as the flagship but now I have seen the light. Great video and review. Keep up the great work!
This is probably the best cell phone review video I have ever seen.  Keep up the good work.
Did an amazing job. Great review. I liked it. Good job ..
The kid is getting good...look out techno buffalo think there is a new kid on the block!
I love my note.  They are big, but the slim size fits in my pocket quite nicely and games, reading etc is much easier when you have something to hold that doesn't feel like you need binoculars.  I prefer bigger screens.  All that and the fact is a phone/tablet works perfectly for my business
Great phone for all The chaps I'm now thinking about, including myself!
10/10 for device, 10/10 for presentation-thanks(tone:sarc), now i want one
To be fair to Samsung, even though I still find it for a niche market due to the size, they did a good job on this one. 
Great comparison job by the way. Now have the insight...
I'd love a pure-Android Nexus series smartphone of that the Nexus 7...but a bit smaller...and, of course, no hard buttons or physical buttons.
Good review and comparison to the Galaxy S3 which I own. Also didn't know the Note 2 was a phone thought it was a mini NotePad.
Samsung has quite the lineup now... The GS3 is the best phone I've ever owned and the note 2 shares very similar dna. 
Rofl 2 handed device for everyone but Yoa Ming.
wow rich guy how can u afford all dat bwahahaha lolz just jokin
Using the Nexus 7 so much makes this look easy. Nice review. 
I enjoyed this review very much thanks +Marques Brownlee I so much cannot wait for me to get a hold of one of these for myself. You touched on this a little but as a elderly person the larger size would be a great welcome in reading the screen and the plus is the keyboard size. I liked the way you could move the numeric keypad from one side to the other. smart design engineering.
Hey what camera do you use to record your videos with? /and mic?
ANOTHER great video from MKB. +1 :)
Yes, I would like to see the comparison between the S3 and the Note II. And this vs. the upcoming Nexus phone.
Good luck and keep making these videos! \/
I am going to pay an ETF to AT&T and sell my OG Note for this phone.
Never seen you review before, but after just watching this one, I really enjoy the way you do them. Will be checking with you more often. Keep up the good work
But wat eva u say the phone is big... n hard to carry around in pockets!!
Excellent review. Maybe this will be my next purchase if the LG Nexus proves to be disappointing.

So smooth
Props and respect by far the best review ive seen for Note 2. It is a power house of a phone! Going to buy one tonight.
This vid got me really thinking about the note 2.
Very good presentation. Definitely gonna subscribe
Great review. How about the camera, shutter speed, etc.?
Thanks :) planning to get it this coming week!
What was that widget on the top of the main homescreen? It looks great.
great made my choice clearer :)
You can tell you put a lot of work into this.  It turned out well!  This is good info for me to keep in mind when shopping around for a new phone.
Fantastic review - love your style.
Great job on the review +Marques Brownlee best review style, neat concise super informative :D keep up the great work
This dude is awesome!
Cinematography was excellent.
Review contents and opinions, I believe to be very useful.
Also, technical aspects of the review were presented well.
Kudos to the presenter on the delivery itself - extremely well done.
Fantastic review. I have the Galaxy S3 and tonight I thought I'd read up on some Note 2 business. I was floored. Glowing reviews from almost every review I checked. I hate to say it, but my marriage to my Galaxy S3 might end with this beast of a mistress. I want my Jelly Bean, and I want my Note 2. It looks absolutely amazing. I want to hold my phone, be laughed at by my Iphone 5 peers, and then crush them with the Note 2. Anyone else ridiculously excited for 
Great review. Thanks! After 2 iPhones, I now have the GS3 and love it!!
Totally great review...thanz bro..keep it up two thumb up
really nice detailed review on the Note 2.. thumbs up..
 +Jason Chang ((Touchwiz is still not doing it for me. )), Jason, you are aware, right, that there are at least 3 (and more) rock solid alternate launchers you could run which don't hog resources, yet give you almost unlimited customization and you never have to look at touchwiz? ... such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Holo Launcher HD (Jelly Bean OS interface) ... from Google Play store. They're just apps, no rooting of phones required. ... I'm not sure how many people realize this.



Fantastic review; you touched on points that big-name sites had missed. Production quality was excellent as well. 
well not good at spalling but very informtit and not nontplacnt to outher choices  ian thining to go next so thank you so nice and not pushie haha
Very nice review. Quality stuff. I see why it is on what's hot. 
nice review re shared to my mate whos thinking of getting one
Such an awesome phone. I have the Note 1 can't wait to get the Note 11
Marcus???? Hahah from VA son!
That was first rate. Great review and nicely put together.
Yes, that's was good

Wish you only good Luck

No PenTile it's really a plus!
S III is better, u can't have a phone that's too big..

I know what will be my next phone, if the next "nexii" (?) are not good enough :)
Great review! Samsung is growing day by day!
Great job. You gotta love this guy
Hey, you are good man! I love it...+10...Great!
Nice review - covering everything interesting I wanted to know! Thanks. 
Now you need a 1.6GHz QUADcore processor to make cellphone interface work smooth? I don't want to live on this planet any more.....
Yeah, I agree... great review! I've been lusting after this phone... and, well, this makes it a full on addiction. :)
I know exactly what you mean about surprisingly getting used to and preferring the Galaxy Note's size. I thought I'd never get used to it, but now that I am and I pick up another phone I think "What is this little guy for? Making calls only???"
I enjoyed your review man. You've really changed my mind about android devices and I'm considering this for Verizon on my next upgrade. Thanks
Kind of gay if u ask me. U have no balls and ur a loser 
Great review. What I appreciated most was:
1) Steady camera
2) Comparison to other phones side by side
3)White surface background to better demonstrate the colors and  design of the phone
4)Explanation of both hardware and software

Fantastic review lil homie, keep up the good work!!
Great review! Covered the important features in a short period. Can't wait for the next reviews
Very well done. Not just a reviewer, but a cinematographer as well!
Wow, well done. I'll circle you here and subscribe on YouTube, and look forward to more tech reviews. I really like seeing a device in actual use, instead of just commentary on top of marketing video.
Great video. looking forward to next one. can you compare the note 1 and 2? thank
No never!!!! Ipad mini much cheaper..
Nice review , perhaps we will see a review of the Galaxy S3 mini soon?  I just picked up the Galaxy Nexus for $50 from ZW and am loving it !!!!!
You did a good job I need to step my phone game up ...but I love V one
Brilliant camerawork on this one, mate! And you've even persuaded me to keep an eye out for one of these things (when they go down in price, of course) ;)
I'm new to Google+  so how do I add  people or follow or whatever google calls it?  Thanks
Thanks man, great review. Looks like a sweet phone!!!
+Big Red just hover the mouse over the name or icon of person you want to add. after a second you get a pop up menu where you can select add. than just check which circles you want to add the person to
Good review, would like to see a comparison with iPhone 5. Performance stutters during simple page scrolling is what makes iPhone better than all other android phones, hoping the Note2 is beyond that with project butter. 
Great video...I'll be looking for your next one...
Nice transition from frame to frame.. good work.. like it..
I like Apple not Samsung.
Thanks so much for a great review! Yes! I would like to see a more in depth comparison with S III, Thanks!
Very Cool ,Great review and nicely put together.
Thanks for review! I wanted this phoneblet so desperately
Enjoyed the review man. I'm looking forward to getting for T-Mobile
Very helpful. Made my mind up. Getting one before long. Thanks
Nice review, brother. This phone is very good. It has many functions. Thanks for you job.
Great job you did explaining this devise


I like the phone soo much give me more videos
l am loving my Galaxy Note 2 nice review btw
Excellent , further review one the software may be in the near future.... Good luck
Wow Love the review and love Samsung I have the Galaxy S3 from sprint at the moment but as soon as Sprint gets this one I think I'm jumping in even though I am not eligible !!!! Amazing piece of hardware just a Beauty
Gd job #marques brownlee# its impressive review.. i hv sgs3 but i'll buy this sgn2. soon as its avail in my area..
Great review as always. Not sure when you filmed this, but 4.1.2 is out, running it on my S3 (CM10), I'm sure the note will get it soon enough..
Very nice review. Still waiting for the release date in my country. Time to kill that small iphone and still keep the ipad till something better happen.
Best Galaxy Note II review I've seen yet. The size comparisons were a great touch. 
I want this phone...  :)
Awesome Dude. Keep up the great work. 
Damn I don't know what I'm gonna get iPhone 5 or Samsung note 2
Good review!  This one is definitely better than the first Galaxy Note.
Good review. Really looking forward to getting this. 
top review, well done.  just a note though, its "the quick brown fox jumps over" not "jumped over" ;)
Great review! I loved your input, your delivery, and your angle. You just won a subscriber. 
danny , hote 2 for sure amazing , i phone become boring
is the only difference between the international and the US version LTE connectivity?
I think i'll get one now. Cheers mate!
Excellent review, one of the best phone reviews I've seen to date. I don't even need a new phone yet (I have a galaxy nexus) but you made me want to try this phone. I'll be looking at your reviews once my contract runs up.
Brave! A masterpiece for. Samsung 
I'm buying this for sure, ditching my moto series.
I've got one :-) - It's as good as he says!
What lte bands and version did you review. There are lte less international versions around.
Good job showing the phone in service. We know all the specs, we just need to see it in action.
+Marques Brownlee thanks marq i am using note 1 and really wanted to find out the diff about 2. Great info and agree after using note i kind of was shocked when i saw s3 and nexus mobiles how small they looked. First few days note did look huge but not it seems perfect. Thanks man cheers
This guy super super and I do love all his videos ;) he always provides the best information that really helps to make a choice !! ;) 
this is very goooooodddd settt inn samsungggggggg
Nice review, good phone.. but its too big for my hand.. i'll stick with my S3
I enjoyed that Marques. Agreed with most points. I have previously not noticed the rocking when it's flat on a surface, wish I didn't know haha
Also, the point about other phones seeming small. Seriously, I was using my gfs 4S yesterday and it felt ridiculously little, like a toy. I'm worried I may never be happy to go back to a smaller screen
Good review and i think this phone is the way forward with device's let just hope s3will be as good with jb
Adi T.
You make great videos. You have great presentation skills and reasonable viewpoints. But this review is certainly one of the best you have done. +1
Cool it better than the iphone 5?
Great review. Can't wait to upgrade from the Note 1!
I have a note 2 but I cant get multi screen even by holding the back button for long time. .
Great comprehensive and honest review. Appreciate it.
I recognised your voice straight away you worked
really hard on tha jazjam
i have the galaxy ace... its kinda sloppy... s3 is the real deal
Really nicely done review - wish more of them were like yours. Just found it a little jarring that in the beginning, you kept saying Note instead of Note 2. Quite confusing especially when I'm the proud owner of a Note - that's not my phone! :P

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
It was the samsung with the flip cover aluminum case. The slide usb cover that I didn't know about I want to see the videos you mentioned in this presrentation love your work
Life is Full of love & enjoyment....So Enjoy it!!!
i also want that black android figurine at the back
Good review bud! cant wait to get this phone, not yet available where I live
Very nicely explained and illustrated. Thanks a lot!
I have note 1, and is great
Grate review .... Thanks buddy ....
I think is the best review online ... Looks like very professional .... Which camera you are using ?
Nice review. Easy on the eyes and ears. Watched it completely. Thanks.
Wicked video. Really informative. Makes me want to buy it now
Me want one. But still inlove with my Tab 2 though
Very nice and clear review. Thx!
I was stuck between getting the S3 or note on my next upgrade but this review as helped to make that decision, thanks its the note for me. 
As soon I get it, I flash the firmware with SuperNexus just to have the power of the phone and the pleasure a fresh, clean Jelly Bean OS without all the Samsung crapware.
Its great ... I m commenting from it.... 
Maybe a bit too big....but it still is awesome!
device is awesome...i want it
really really good review..!! perfect to the point
I love my S3, but would have gone for this if it had been available when I upgraded. Great review!
Awesome job, much better than the brand name tech websites!

Excellent review. I already love my gnex (Verizon flavored) with Jelly Bean 4.1. Can only imagine the great experience of the Note 2
I was thinking of buying a 4s but I'm changing my mind to buy the Samsung note 2. Your video has impressed me, but I'm still in 2 minds I was put off Samsung when I brought a jet it was really bad. I had it 3 months and those 3 months it went back 5 times in the end I gave it to my son he killed it in2 month so we both bought iPhones which we love but are getting bored. Which would you buy 4s or note 2
Obviously using chrome on one phone and stock on the other will be different....
its a little big but a cool device
Great Review man its an awesome gadget keep up the good work.
Great review! I like the phone already!
it has some unique features that makes it distinctive
Great review. I never considered owning one of these before, but now....
Jus sold my galaxy note and galaxy 3 for the iPhone 5 this phone is great till you start loading it with apps then comes the crashes early battery deterioration and charger port shortages ..very short term phone and the size makes it so vulnerable...
Ready to throw my IPhone 4s down da toilet!! Loved the review. 
Very educational video; well done
F. Rob
Great review well thought out and very informative. You definitely have talent. I think the note will be my next phone.
The Verge like vid review style, and I like it.
Concise and to the point, please keep the vids coming.

Nicely done!
Honestly, iPhone 5 is the iPhone 5 killer.  Everyone i know with a 4s saw the iphone 5 and went "meh, i'm not impressed.".
no comment = no money
Great job +Marques Brownlee awesome video review
thanks for your efforts!!!
Excellent. I wish all gadget reviews were like this one.
Excellent man, well done! I currently have a Samsung G S II and I was considering the G S II but after your review I think I just might move on the Note II! Cheers!
I just got one and its the best phone no dout
Found it very useful and well produced segment. Keep it up!
Very professional presentation +Marques Brownlee I certainly will be subscribing to your YouTube channel. I would love to see pure Android OS running on the Note 2, still the standard touchwiz interface doesn't look half bad. Well done mate!
GiO Dz
from Motorola Atrix 4G to Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Best choice ever!! Next up, Samsung Galaxy Note II...!!! I Like!!!
This post makes my choice for my next phone not easier. A Windows Phone or the Note II? Did Samsung have actually also a Windows Phone? When it is so, how is this phone?
Excellent review, I can't wait to get mine. Couple more days till the official US unveiling! 
Can you please fix my email address it should CIRS

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