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Woot woot
The story and sit-rep of Operation Prickly Pear, the Austin Enlightened Anomaly fields.

When it was released that Austin was a primary site for #shonin and I was appointed to be the field lead, I was estatic. The design team was assembled. and together we found and planned to field off of some pretty ridiculous anchors, in order to make all four measurements in the anomaly. Two independent fields were planned, the cloak, and the dagger. The cloak was designed with the intent to misdirect attention to the larger field clearing, while chipping away at blockers to the inner field, the one with the hardest anchors that would end up making all 4 measurements.

The Cloak-
West- Guadeloupe Peak, West Texas, 4 hour hike
Southeast- South Padre Island, South Texas, Jeep or 10mi hike to portal
Northeast- Chicot National Park, Louisiana, just in the middle of nowhere
Field operator- From England +Jeremy Goldsmith​​
Key farming and transport- +Adam Botbyl​​ +Pux Topper​​ +gupp gupp​​ +Zane Newton​​ +Dillon Lopez​​
Anchor teams- +Kyle Porter​​ +richard garcia​​ +Kris Goetting​​ +Larry Primeaux​​
Lane clearers- +Bart Reed​​ +Ekto Gamet​​ +Carlos Moreno​​ +Kelly Mayoh​​ +Flor Santos​​ +Bob Martin​​​ +shannon sterling, whoisgadget​​ +mooch moocherini​​ +Timothy Pledger​​ +Myra Kotrla​​ +Andrew Williams Pr1meArch3type​​ +Bert L.​​ +Brian Martin​​ +William Rodriguez​​ +Greg E​​ and #greengoblins +FlyMaster Jay​​ +Justin Hall​​ +Alan Rice​​
Agents drove hours to distribute keys to the anchors, not to mention to farm keys in the first place and link from the anchors. Others drove way out of their way to clear blockers, these agents showed extreme dedication, heart, and skill.
The field throw time was scheduled for 12:40, 80 minutes before the first measurement. The clearers started early in the morning and cleared for hours, until finally, it was throw time. Eagerly standing by at the anchors the final blockers all went down, except for one, the Roma, TX blocker. It later turns out that our agent stationed there was unable to respond due to legal problems. #blamealan An agent volunteered to get the other end of the blocker, but now, with 2/3 links up, the resistance were actively blocking. Our south Texas agents fought hard, but the Resistance were able to block faster then we were able to clear. Our NE anchor was dropped 2 hours later, delivering the final blow. The Cloak would not go up, but it allowed perfect misdirection, and right under their nose, we were now in place to throw...

The Dagger-
Southwest- Canyon Lake, a portal smack dab in the middle of the lake
Southeast- Rocky Mountain Bike Ranch, entrance fee, and a 2 hour mountain bike ride up some brutal trails
North- Fort Hood military base, and a portal that is on the range, and only accessible by the range master. Not to mention that being part of the range, with abundant fences and warning signs, it happened to be active this Saturday with Apache helicopters.
Field Operator-from New Zealand- +Kris Habraken​​
Key Farmers- +Aileron Rdiall​​ got keys to Fort Hood, and +Ryan Perkins​​ and Green Goblin +Will McCarthy​​ got keys to Canyon Lake.
Blocker Busters- Locals- +Tim D​​ +Elliot Gardner​​ +Kyle Mason​​ +Brad Marshall​​ +Loyd Hutchings​​ and crazy people who drove here from Springfield MO just to be a part of the fielding team +Dustin Reider+Jason Burton​​ and Green Goblin +Andrew Mann​​
Anchor Teams- +Dawn K​​ +Earl Fernandez​​ and I.
Eagerly awaiting throw time, the clock seemed to stand still. With the first field not up, it all rested on this field. The Resistance clearing an obvious field lane that would have blocked us, it was time to move. The clearers dropped all blockers simultaneously, and we caged Austin in with three links at 1:49, and we could not be blocked now. At 1:59:40, just before M1, we fielded it in, covering Austin in 2 layers of green, and grabbing 200 points for the first measurement. The fields remained standing through all 4 measurements, and then through most of the after party.

A new branch of Fielding ops, the counter operators. Their job was to make sure we did not get fielded, and they succeeded. Wether it was camping in Big Bend, to throwing blockers across the coast, driving hours to block lane paths, or hopping in a kayak to kill links, these guys did it all. +Daniel Musto​​ +Molly Oehmichen​​ +Jeffrey Brite​​ +tally foreman​​ +Hec Mora​​ +Honu McTurtle​​ +Deke Fillmore​​ +Kelli Ringle​​ +Robert Baker​​ +Jill Matthews-Hadley​​ +Justin Hall​​ +Tex Bruce​​ +Thomas Spear​​ +Chris Sands​​ +Deborah Haughton​​ +Zombie Apocalypse​​ +Bo Barefield​​ +Michael Simpson​​ +Bree Williams, Qu33nBreeze​​ +Becky Cierpich​​ and a special thanks to +Mikaila Bell​​ and +Daniel Musto​​ +Justin Hall​​ and +Cory Maddox​​ for picking up slack where they saw it, and advising in critical moments

We captured 800 points for the Enlightened just off of the fields, and the overall Austin score ended at 1390 ENL- 342 RES. Even without the field, we still won on the ground alone.

The pictures shown were taken by the fielding team, just to show some of the crazy places that Ingress took them.

Thank you to all who made this Enlightened victory possible. Keep Austin Enlightened.
-Mason Sheppard - Flash0ut
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Marlon B

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Listen to Gun's Out (Blood's Gonna Run) V.I.P. Mix (DEMO) by The Mighty Dreadnaut #np on #SoundCloud
If you ain't heard yet.... you about to ;) Junglist since '98, DJ since '98, Producer since '08.... badman from birth. Releases: Warlord Digital, Unjustified Records, Satta Sounds, Future Tone Re
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Arkansas getting some love
Operation: LittleBigField

Objective accomplished (x2): 
Cover Little Rock and Central Arkansas in beautiful shades of green, rinse and repeat

Primary: Once keys were gathered, it was just a matter of getting the right field agents on task at the right time. Big thanks to everyone involved. We couldn't have done it without each and every piece of the puzzle. One of our agents on link clearing duty even dinged level 11 while taking out targets (@darkestdawn)

Round 2 was improvised a little from the original plan. Resistance agents took down our first fields, put up blockers and decided to use 2 of our same anchor sites for fields of their own. They managed to hit a checkpoint and so we rallied to find keys to their third anchor point. We found them and set a new plan in motion, this time with only 3 agents and no intel. We were all in position 14 minutes before checkpoint, and had the blue fields knocked down and 3 layers of our own put up within 6 minutes.

Primary op (2.13.2015): 5 layers covering areas in 5 cells, 2.4 million total mind units
Follow up(2.14.2015): 3 layers covering 5 cells, 1.5 million total mind units
Total 3.9 million MU

Great work agents! Stay tuned…

Link clearing:

Planning and coordination:

Key collection:



#blamealan     #ingress     #enlightened   

+Dawn McClain  +Wylie Whiteaker  +Justin Moore  +Stephen Rivers  +Rick Currie  +Lucas Qualls  +Brian Price  +Jesse Spangenberger  +Mark Schaub  +Ken Chen  +Amy Moore  +Mark Miller  +Charlie Graves  +Anthony Richardson  +Ingress  +NIA Ops  
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Listen to DJ Ghaleon - A Special Dedication - 93 - 95 Ragga Jungle by Ghaleon #np on #SoundCloud
A mix for the true heads! Strictly underground vibes. Full of double drops, turntablism, and tunes that are a bit off the beaten path. All original plates, all vinyl. The Source -- Juicy Jungle Terro
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Another great op
ShoYoFields Atlanta!

We had a month to prepare and plan. Rules weren’t out until the week before the anomaly. Still, we need to field and we need to field big BUT, just in case that doesn’t work, we should look locally as well. 

+robbie brewer was the mastermind behind all our field plans and organised players from all over the local states to participate in fielding, clearing, throwing blockers and assist as back up where needed.

Come Sho Day, all keys were in place, final teams were ready and we started clearing lanes. +Harry Zeng operated the local fields and the team got their field up for the entire of M1. This was exciting! The teams were ecstatic and they pressed on to start clearing for their fields for M2. In the mean time, I was working with my team to clear lanes for the megafield. 

The west lane was cleared a lot faster than expected so we threw the link. We didn’t want Resistance trying to field through, so thought bugger it, let's do it. Now focusing on the north lane and east lane, we see that Resistance agent 1DarkPassenger is active up in Dawsonville so we watch them and send our clearing agents to the town 30 minutes west to clear a blocker...and we have blockers thrown by 1DarkPassenger north out of Dawsonville and to a portal further south, so DrQuack needs to go back to Dawsonville and we send SwaggyKeith to kill the south portal. Quick, get that link up!

Meanwhile, SuperJimmy was demoted to NotSoSuperJimmy, even PrettyAverageJimmy. Our Greensboro cleaner has gone AWOL. Where is he? That’s the last area we need to clear to close the field. GreenCatalyst, portalwars and Monogenes were all prepared to drive at least 1.5 hours from their locations to clear the area in the expectation that Jimmy doesn’t show his head. Not long after agents start moving toward Greensboro, Jimmy pops his head in and transforms into ClutchJimmy. In the end, CrazyJimmy makes it to Greensboro at the same time as Monogenes and they clear it for us just in time for M2. ThankGodJimmyIsStillAlive certainly gave us a scare a couple of times but definitely gave us a laugh.

Both our southern anchor and north-east anchor were attacked between M3 and M4 and the field came down. Our agents were there the whole time, so they put the field back up and we layered. In total, for all the fields that went up, we captured approximately 10 million Mind Units. Not too shabby Robbie, not too shabby at all.

All while this was happening with the megafield, the local field team were clearing lanes for the fields they were going to put up in case the megafield didn’t last. In some of the down times, agents may have been dispatched to occupy the local alehouse to enjoy the view. We have no pictures to prove this though, so it’s merely conjecture at this point. 

Our teams were amazing. They were professional, they were fast and they were hilarious.

Massive thank you goes to +robbie brewer, +Shaun Blum and +Jacob Stewart for your efforts and hours in planning these fielding operations and of course, to our most awesome fielding and blocking teams because without you, the fields simply wouldn’t have gone up. 

Congratulations to our Atlanta teams. You fought hard and you won. It was most definitely one of the best days we’ve had in ingress.

Planners and Operators:

Team Members:
Magical CatBoy
Methos Kai
Aria Lake
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Great work from everybody
This past weekend was super amazing for the Enlightened. We witnessed teams get together to fight the Resistance over the anomalies and even go on adventures into the snowy wilderness to field and take Resistance fields down. On that note, we are thankful that our agents who were missing and injured are okay.

We are super proud of all agents involved and excited to say that we won Shōnin 02 and extremely close in Shōnin 01. On a cumulative basis, we are presently in the lead but we still have anomalies in March to come which means we need to be vigilant. Let's win this thing!!!

Cumulative Summary of #Shonin 01:

Florence - R:798 - E:808
Bilbao - R:340 - E:236
Brno - R:424 - E:515

NR02-JULIET-11 - Enl
NR02-GOLF-12 - Res
NR01-FOXTROT-02 - Enl
NR01-FOXTROT-11 - Enl
NR01-HOTEL-03 - Enl
AF07-ROMEO-12 - Res
NR02-FOXTROT-15 - Res
NR01-GOLF-08 - Res
AF08-SIERRA-00 - Enl
NR02-JULIET-03 - Res

Shonin 1 Final Results:

Enlightened: 2059
Resistance: 2062

Cumulative Summary of #Shōnin 02:

Austin - R:342 - E:1390
Atlanta - R:282 - E:678
Las Vegas - R:440 - E:390
Medellin - R:566 - E:68

AM01-LIMA-03 - Res
AM01-KILO-05 - Enl
AM01-JULIET-07 - Res
AM02-HOTEL-15 - Enl
NR13-ROMEO-10 - Enl
AM01-CHARLIE-02 - Enl
AM05-GOLF-08 - Res
AM11-LIMA-02 - Res
AM15-MIKE-01 - Res
AM15-PAPA-14 - Res

Shōnin 2 Final Results:

Enlightened: 2926
Resistance: 2230

As the ENL AAR/SiteRep's come to light, we will begin to share them here. Congratulations team! Well deserved!

In the mean time, here is a capture of the amazing Las Vegas and Atlanta fields. 
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Almost BattleFrog time everyone! Get that TX Trifecta!

Houston 3/28-29
Dallas 4/11-12
Austin 10/3-4

My code is good for any race across the US
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Listen to Trace_Live At Respect [LA] by DSCI4 #np on #SoundCloud
Live From Respect - Los Angeles (January 15th 2015)
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Listen to Does ur Mama know about me? by Soy_Capaz #np on #SoundCloud
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