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Marlene Oliveira
I help nonprofits who want to produce better content.
I help nonprofits who want to produce better content.

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Which social media channels should your nonprofit use for the best results?

One of the top challenges I hear from +Nonprofit MarCommunity subscribers is around knowing which social media channels to use. Today on the blog, +Lauren Girardin helps us out, pointing us to the right questions and considerations. And she focuses on the “big three” you might be wondering about: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This will also be the topic of #NPMC Twitter chat on May 25, 1:00 p.m., led by Lauren!

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How to find writers for your blog

The +Nonprofit MarCommunity turned four years old on Sunday! Creating and running this blog has taught me many things - including how to find guest blog contributors. And last month I was invited to share my tips at the +Content Marketing Institute #CMWorld chat - a huge honour for me. I've created a little summary in this post.

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Three ways to use infographics in your nonprofit’s annual report

Have you been toying with the idea of including infographics in your nonprofit's annual report? In today's +Nonprofit MarCommunity post, Laura Wertkin shares three clear and practical ways nonprofits can create annual report infographics. Use Laura's ideas to add visuals with meaning!

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How to effectively format your nonprofit’s emails: 8 quick tips

Are you wondering what you can do to make sure your subscribers are actually reading your nonprofit’s emails? Part of the answer: use formatting to make your emails easy to read! Try out one - or all - of the eight simple formatting tweaks that Kelly Rembold suggests in today's +Nonprofit MarCommunity blog post.

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Starting with content strategy to ensure successful website development [case study]

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post about the elements to include in a website content strategy, in which I urged nonprofit communicators to put content at the beginning of any new website development project. Today, I’m sharing the story of how Markus Stadelmann-Elder at Maytree did just that, and how it benefitted their website development.

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Creating a culture of communication [book review]
Would you like to create a culture of communication within your organization? Suzanne Hallsworth recently read Brian Sooy’s Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto and in this +Nonprofit MarCommunity review, she explains what the book has to offer you.

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Developing a website content strategy for a new nonprofit site: elements to include

When you develop a content strategy for your new website, you’ll be better equipped to make content decisions (what you need to write, what you can reuse, what needs to go). But a web content strategy also positions you to make smart decisions about structure, navigation, design and functionality.

What does a website content strategy look like? I show you exactly what you need to include in today's blog post - which includes valuable insights from web developer +Mike Mella

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6 reasons you should NOT ask for “annual report updates”

How does the content for your nonprofit’s annual report come together? How would you describe your role: writer, editor or…collator?

While you might think that asking for "annual report updates" from your peers is efficient, I believe it’s actually going to make your role in the process less pleasant, and it will get in the way of the creative process. Here are my six reasons you shouldn't create annual report content this way.

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Five little-known email metrics to boost engagement and fundraising

Do you measure the success of your nonprofit’s emails?

When was the last time you evaluated how your organization tracks its email performance? What are your measures of email success?

In today's +Nonprofit MarCommunity post, +Spencer Brooks takes you beyond open rates, click rates and bounce rates in his post about five little-known email metrics that you should review.

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How to write a nonprofit About page: 7-step copywriting formula

A well-written nonprofit About page will communicate why your organization matters and why it is the solution for people who care about your cause (and why you deserve their support).

I've created an About page copywriting formula that will help you to structure your copy elements into a persuasive sequence that ends with a call to action. Want my outline (and handy PDF worksheet)? They're both available now on the +moflow blog:
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