Lots of you are shooting video these days. Here's how I light my tutorial videos.
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That's helpful to see how the LED panel works, and also that you're able to mix daylight and studio light. How many LED panels do you usually use?
Thanks Joe. (sorry for the delay in replying)

Yes, the lights are the same/similar colour temp as daylight, so mixing with window light is something I like to do.

I have two panels. One is 1000W and one is 500. In retrospect I should have bought two 1000W as the lights are dimmable, but at the time I had a budget and wanted to stick to it.
Thanks, Marlene. I have daylight sneaking in to my office (never direct), so I've had trouble mixing that and my video lamps (bought at Goodwill, believe it or not, and crazy bright and hot). I've been considering LEDs, and your video helped a lot.
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