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Grateful for +Christopher Biscoe and #SquerbSocial for making me their #Brand Ambassador for +SxSW and sponsoring the +RVSX Bus #roadtrip 

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I can invite peeps too!
Hi kids.  Apparently I have two invitations for Google Glass.  If this is something you want please share this post and comment below on what you think you'll do with them that will be cool.  I'll let you know who's in the running.  It does require you be a US resident and that you can drop $1500 plus tax on the cool toy.  Let me know!   #throughglass  
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My kind of rescue plan.
Who you gonna call on #winewednesday  
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LOVE LOVE all know how I feel about the media's faux portrayal of women's faces/'s another person stepping up to show us in all our natural beauty! Thank YOU +jade beall

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Thx +Matthew David for invite
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NP :)
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Downward Facing Dog.   #Roxymania   #YogaPup   #PuppyLove  
Yes. Wish everyone could embody this belief. World WOULD be better place.
You are free. Right now. To believe, speak, do what you choose. Choose wisely and by that, we mean be true to yourself and your desires because you are in the driving seat of your life. That's what free will is. Destiny may play a part but we all have a choice about how we deal with things. If you feel trapped, make a conscious decision to change your life and how you feel about it today.

#wisdombits #life #choicesinlife #change  
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Not sure why original share was private so reposting!

Cross #Roadtrip in RV off my bucket list! This #emptynest #ideagenerator is packing a bag & going on Route 66 with a  band of rogues, film and merry makers from Chicago to Austin for #sxsw2014 We are recording every step of the way & building BUZZZZZZ and awareness for our sponsors.

There are several stellar sponsorships still available so please pass on to your PR/Marketing Depts., Friends & Family who want some award-winning professionals pimping - I mean promoting their brand. Ping me asap!

We have a kickstarter
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+Gary Vaynerchuk look forward to seeing you in our "old" stomping grounds...hope to be bringing some new wine for you to try ...
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