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So excited for my client Jamie Sands - she donated her time to help WWECameron aka +ArianeAndrew's father get a #smilemakeover   which really was a life changing experience.  Please tune in to +E! Entertainment +TotalDivas tonight March 1st at 9/8c and don't forget to bring your handkerchiefs. 
When the WWE Diva finds out why her dad isn't going out in public she offers a helping hand! Watch the kind gesture on Total Divas.

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So stoked for my client Dr. Jamie Sands for helping change a man's life by fixing his smile.  This is a truly beautiful story of a daughter giving back to her father so he can have a better life....
When the WWE Diva finds out why her dad isn't going out in public she offers a helping hand! Watch the kind gesture on Total Divas.

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My vote for Best Song in this year's +Oscars sung by the songwriters. Simple, but powerful lyrics and a great melody! In the film Begin Again it is sung by Keira Knightly and Adam Levine who kills it. 
EXCLUSIVE: "Lost Stars", the Oscar-nominated song from last summer's music-business dramedy feature Begin Again, gets a last-minute buffing for the last couple of days of awards voting with this an...

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For a moment I thought the big cell companies were being forced to clean up their act. They were...but not necessarily to benefit consumers. Seriously?
There are implications for mobile carriers that still offer unlimited data plans.

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In mid-October of this year, HBO dropped a bombshell -- albeit a long-rumored one -- with the news that it would launch a standalone streaming service..

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The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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Doesn't it feel like this is next? How much more can airlines make it uncomfortable for us? ;)
FT. WORTH, TX—Explaining that the costs of the service have grown too high in recent years, American Airlines announced Tuesday that it will no longer offer free cabin pressurization to passengers starting March 15.
#RIP Leonard Nimoy. You lived long and we prospered from your talents and gifts. 
In addition to acting, Mr. Nimoy directed films; published poetry, autobiographies and books of photography; and recorded music.
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Amen. R.I.P
John Oliver and team take on big tobacco - let's help them send a strong message to help those (countries) who can't help themselves #Marlboro #philipmorris #jeffwecan please share
The hashtag #jeffwecan is trending in the United States this morning, though not internationally, after John Oliver issued a call to action last night on a new mascot that his HBO late-night show, ...

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I just vomited in my mouth...while I believe in free speech...the level of ignorance displayed by Ms. Paltrow is staggering. Just want to say #STFU
Oh Gwyneth. When will you stop passing on your absurdity in the form of healthy, scientific advice?

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Mark your calendars-November 20th-got any favorite brands to recommend?
Learn how this wine celebration became a global party.
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I am a big fan of Miss Vicky Wine
mostly because Anne-Victoire Jocteur Monrozier does a great job pleasing the crowds that show up for her tastings around the world, and does more than any wine artesan at her scale in making social media serve the purpose of deepening the engagement and interaction between the producer and the consumer.

At same time, we should remember that there are only a few days in the year that Beaujolais Nouveau is available.  For the sake of varietal comparison, sommelier Cara Patricia Higgins, addressing a party of @SIPWomen, explained that we should view Pinot Noir as an educated, conservative woman who matures slowly to remarkable heights, and always has lots of admiring fans pursuing her for the long-term relationship, while Beaujolais is a college chic in pursuit of an ecstatic moment of ecstasy in blitzkrieg on Cabo San Lucas for spring break.  Actually, I can hardly wait to introduce Anne-Victoire Jocteur Monrozier to Anne-Victoire Jocteur Monrozier and capture the chat on video.

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A most amazing story. Not just because of it's inspirational aspect, but because of the medical breakthroughs learned through his tragic but successful journey. 
After a serious traffic accident, Simon Lewis was left in a coma so profound doctors said he’d never recover. Then, to their amazement, his brain flickered back to life.
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