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Mark van Geyzel
Turning websites at work into websites that work
Turning websites at work into websites that work

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Some people say that cats are cool and dogs are dumb. Maybe there's a reason they have a dumb look on their faces all the time :-)

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The only difference between "TRY" and "TRIUMPH" is a bit on 'umph'.

So when it seems to hard, just keep pushing. Even when others laugh at your dreams and ridicule it, use a bit more 'umph' and believe that you'll get there.

These kids from Thailand know about that.....

My Google Phone just upgraded itself to Version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

There are three groups of you now:
* Group (a) just said "Woot woot!!!"
* Group (b) just said "wft?"
* Group (c) just said "Tell someone who cares."

But also remember that there are three types of people in the world:
* Those who make things happen,
* Those who watch things happen
* Those who wonder what happened

There may be some correlation between these two groups ;-)

Technology. Master, slave or annoying neighbour!

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Our interconnected world
(subtitle - my world is about to end!)

Since the earthquake(s) in Christchurch, New Zealand, Sanitarium (NZ) have been forced to close their factory. As a result they haven't made any Marmite since November 2011. As a result Australia is almost out of stock!!! When current stocks run out there will be no more until July 2012. There could be riots in supermarkets as panic buying sets in (well, at least in the suburbs with large English populations)

The downside of an interconnected world.

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A sad day for all the sales people out there who started their career going door-to-door selling EB. We salute you, and this amazing institution. (p.s. if you are a vacuum cleaner sales-person,you might want to take note of this event)

Congratulations to LinkedIn Australia for growing past 3,000,000 members!

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I'll have two, thanks!
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