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The photographs, having spent 440 days on the ocean floor, have been reunited with the photographer and the family. I am very happy to have facilitated the journey back to where the photographs belong! I certainly didn't anticipate the attention this created, any photographer finding my camera would do the same, right? Thanks again for the great help that came from the Google+ community. I received an email from the recipient of your help this morning:

"Again thank you so much!!! Seeing the pictures brings tears as we really had forgotten what we were missing by not having them."

Previous Update: Thank you to everyone who responded with ideas (some listed below) - proof that the google+ hive-mind can be utilized to complete a simple gesture like returning someones vacation photos!

three pics were posted in the album from the SD card (photos aren't mine, so the child remained anonymous).
exif data was examined.
Kamloops Fire Rescue and Firefit were contacted.
Canon Canada was contacted re: camera serial number (reply received - no record of the serial number).
photos were dropped into google search and specific websites mentioned in the comments (no luck - nothing matching the exif serial online).
camera serial - canon eos rebel xs: 0520213746
SD card (for those who inquired): Sandisk Extreme III 20mb/s 2GB (it's not uncommon for SD cards to survive underwater - regardless of brand).

Media: please feel free to use the information posted here. I will not be providing interviews or contact information. To those who inquired re: use of my photographs and the story, and provided credit - thank you.

Original Post:

For Sale: Canon EOS 1000D
Description: only used underwater once, in the Pacific Ocean, for approximately one year.

Actual story: found off the end of a wharf in Deep Bay, BC while I was diving (completing a biological survey) in the harbour. I removed the SD card, cleaned it up, stuck it in a card reader and after being underwater in a corroding camera since August 2010 - it works! Approximately 50 pictures on the card from a family vacation. If you know a fire fighter from British Columbia whose team won the Pacific Regional Firefit competition, has a lovely wife and (now) 2 year old daughter - let me know. I would love to get them their vacation photos :)

There are other clues on/within the pictures - I think we should be able to track them down (not sure they'll want the camera back tho).
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Oh my, he'll probably tell you to keep the camera ;) That was a bad day on vacation.
Finding someone this way, by the contents of their camera, is kind of fun. I've got a friend here in town that found a waterproof olympus digital P&S in the river, and he spent three weeks trying to piece the clues together, but never found the guy. Camera works great!
Can you post the photos? I'm taking this as a personal challenge!
Don Noll
I launched my Nikon 6006 into orbit on three weather balloons. Had two fishing poles with a RC car type servo to click the shutter, had the camera mounted on a wooden board facing down. One of the people with the fishing poles got the lines so tangled we reeled it in and cut the line. We wedged the contraption between the boards of picnic table while we untangled line. Windy day. Wind sent the camera, the other fishing rod, RC gear, Nikon 6006 into orbit. I wonder if anyone ever found it.
+Valerie Mellema I can only imagine how they felt: 650 dollars and all your vacation photos floating to the bottom of the ocean - that is a rough day!

+Kent Morrison The challenge is certainly fun! - and +Ryan Crowe I will consider posting the photos except that they're not mine to post. Perhaps if I fail to find the owner with my own wits I will put up the ones that give potential clues.

wow! +Don Noll that is a brilliant story - you have more guts that I do! I found this camera 14 months later - perhaps there's still hope!

That's smart +Sharon Strandskov I will do that. I have also contacted the local harbour master and attached a picture of (I assume) their friends boat.

Thanks +Jeffrey Bottoms I will do that!
Markus - I just saw your post - I may be able to help with this..... by any chance could you send me a photo with the people, or the man who won, in it??
oops - I see that Sharon already mentioned what I had planned to do.. good luck with it!
Ryan Crowe
I have a couple of hits. I did a search of Fire Depts around Deep Bay, and looked at the competing departments. The closest competing department near Deep Bay is Courtenay. Two firefighters from Courtenay placed 5th in the relay. Brad Welsh and Daniel Hogarth. After a quick Facebook search - I discovered a Canadian firefighter named Brad Welsh who had "Brampton Firefit 2010" as one of his "Likes". Also, he hasn't posted a picture since March 2010, an ice fishing trip. However, no (apparent) pictures of wife or child.

Daniel Hogarth on the other hand has pictures of his newborn from 2010! The name of the child is Sawyer, and he seems to reside primarily in Alberta, CA. I looked through his friends and saw mostly other Albertans... no firefighters. That's just 20 minutes. Hopefully I can I make some real headway with pics from the card!
haha crazy. Good luck finding them, give us an update later on!
+Ryan Crowe you weren't kidding when you mentioned taking this as a challenge! That was some quick work. I will post some of the photos tomorrow (they're on my PC at work.
I am wondering if you drop a photo of him into Google image search if it will give you some good indication just from that-- Facebook page, local news story from the championship, etc
+Sharon Strandskov and +Barbara Jean both great suggestions. though it might involve a little chance on the ifoundyourcamera website (considering the camera has been gone, underwater, for over a year :) who knows - someone there might recognize them? I will repost tomorrow morning with a selection of the photos.
Brilliant story and good luck with finding the owner. There are results of the 2010 Pacific Regional Firefit competition at I'm sure if you contact them with a picture of the owner, they can be traced.
good find todd! from my recollection (the photos are on my PC at work) the camera owner is a little older. I should clarify that the clue to "Regional Firefit Champion" comes from a logo on his daughters sleeping bag that reads exactly that. 2010 is speculation - and I suppose so is the idea that he was the champion. I will post the photo tomorrow morning and give you +Todd Kehrberg and others who have shown interest a tag.
Since Kamloops Fire Dept is the 3 time defending Canadian Champ (and as of this week the World Champs!) - chances are it is from one of the guys here.
The phone number for the main Hall is 250-372-5131
thanks +Matthew Koivisto - brilliant; gave them a call and the info will be communicated to the Firefit guys. will let you know if it's successful.
I am gonna keep an eye on this post.. this is way too cool..
Oh hey, I love such riddles. :)
Depending on his insurance he might claim something when he gets back the "body of proof" (pun intended)
Do the photos not have the owner info in the EXIF?
Great story! I hope you find him! 
It would be easier to contact the photographer if he had embedded his name in the camera. His name would be on the exif.
What a great story, and it's amazing how the G+ community is engaged in trying to solve the mystery. Can't wait to see the happy outcome when the owner is located. Surprising that no one asked the first question that popped into my head: What brand of memory card was it that survived that ordeal? I see a possible ad campaign in your future.
That would surely qualify for #Tuesdecay, shouldn't it?
+Markus Thompson on the kamloops FD site the members of the winning team for 2010 were Mark Brise, Mike Brown Scott Leslie, Shawn Davidson, Don Clarke, Graham MacKenzie. Graham was an individual winner. my money is on him as the owner
CANON for the WIN! booo-yaaaaa all you Nikon peeps :)
The real question is whether the camera still works after a good cleaning :)
this is awesome....let us know if you do find him!
I guess now he uses the strap on his replacement camera when taking tricky photos...
If that were my camera, I'd still keep it just so I could tell the story about what happened to it. Put it in a box where you can see it, light it and let people ask about it.
It seems that it has a bit of dust :) put it inside a laundry machine and it will be fine :)
Nice story ;)
Please post the outcome... Such an interesting story! 
Love such stories! Thanks for sharing.
This is cool. My boss found a camera buried in the sand at Tofino this summer. We figured out who the owner was in about two hours via social media (Twitter, Facebook, G+). When she got home, she had over 30 voicemails, one from as far away as England :)
Great initiative, hope you will find the owner, or the owner will find you, sharing it on my page in a hope it will go around and end up on the screen of the rightful owner
Very cool story! Please update us when/if you find him!!!
Wow... I absolutely want to know the outcome of your quest :)
can you please post those Picture,,,!!

Thank you
You have a good heart and most of all a good.... card READER!
That is brilliant. Hope you find the family!
holy cow! i would be so upset if that were my camera! so glad you blocked out that babies face!!
have you tried turning it off then turning it on again?
I thought it was vintage, lol...the family would really appreciate the kind gesture. good luck with the search! :)
Can't you just google the names of the past winners of the competition?
Wonder if the camera would still work.......
Hey just saw your post like many others I've tried to look around, I've looked at the winners of the Regional Team going back 2007 anyway, Most likely it's Delta or Kamloops if from the BC area as they are the teams that usually win the regional competitions. Sadly I can't find images of any of the competitors out of their fire gear.
Oh and for the Graham MacKenzie folks he was on the Kamloops team for the last little while, I did find a group shot of him and the current Kamloops team, and it is not him.

it's possible because of the man's age he may have won in early part of the decade as a lot of the current firefit people are fairly young
i was looking for that thing lol
Canon would LOVE to hear THIS story: talk about proof of reliability under adverse conditions! This makes the "takes a licking and keep on ticking" slogan seem tame.
+Darren Rye Great idea. I just added my contact info to my camera. Thanx!!
found it... talked to Kamloops Fire Rescue at 250-372-5131... it is Graham McKenzie's camera
+Alex Johnson nice work mate! - I have contacted Graham and will let you know when I hear back from him. Update: on closer inspection this is certainly not the owner (my fault for not double checking the information provided with a little scrutiny).
I would agree with you, CJ Swanstrom, that most of the "what's hot" is skippable, but this particular posting is a striking exception.
apologies to those who mentioned graham earlier (your guess was incorrect(.
I've been keeping an eye on this all day. AWESOME JOB !!!!!!
An excellent find. I'm glad you found the owner. I bet they'll love the story and the photos. Fantastic.
Great story, so glad you found the owner. What type of memory card was it?
Ah darn! I was doing Thanksgiving activities today and missed this! Good job all! Looks like I was way off with Courtenay.
That's just an amazing story. Well done to all involved in solving this puzzle. 
+Amy Woods it's a SanDisk Extreme III 20mb/s card. although I don't think it makes a difference - a co-worker dropped a camera in the ocean about a year back and after a little research I discovered that SD cards in general are quire resilient (the photos on that card survived as well - tho that was only for a few minutes).

+Eno Itic I did check the exif information - no such luck.
I cant believe you found the owner!! Wow... good work!!! :) It's quite a long shot... hehehe Congrats to you!! And to your pretty good detective and G+ people looking out for the owner!! :)
Soj in
Great work and great finish!!
Can we get the original owner's story on how he lost it?
It probably could have gone MUCH faster if we all simply had cerebral implants to our phones! So this is how the Borg started. Resistance is futile. ;) scary actally.. I smell a DARPA research grant. ;)
Great find! Awesome the owner was found!!

My husband once recovered photos from a camera he found in a sewage lift station. The camera, a small coolpix was stuck in the massive pump, and was crunched. he disected the SD card and was able to recovery almost everything. The family was so grateful when he mailed them the CD of pics. Had their daughter winning a bunch of ribbons at the local fair.

A really good tools is Photorec, for recovering data off of SD cards, and JPEGsnoop for dealing with corrupt photos. ;)
finally! awesome work guys!
Best commercial for a Cannon product ever! Good luck with finding the rightfully owners :)
PS- That's why it comes with a strap.
Awesome story! Will he get his camera back or just the pictures? I want this camera..;-)
What a fabulous story. And how great you could locate the owner!
I bet Amway has a product that will clean that thing right up.
Wow, what an inspiring story.
Well down Markus! You made an awesome story! Please don't let insurance companies know about how the camera has been saved!!!!
Awesome. I took only 16 hours from start to the happy ending.
Holy cow! That was fast! Great work, Markus & g+ community!!
Ah, that's a shame (the new update) but maybe you will find the owner still.
Great story, very cool that you were able to find the original owner!
Markus, you may try finding the owners by "dragging and dropping" each photo in the search box of Google's Image Search service:

You may let us know if it helps. Also, I think it would be very helpful if you provided one of the photos, since someone may know those people.
I'd E-mail the people who hosted that competition -- they might have a contact that could get in touch with them for you....I'll try to look into it as well; can anyone call international for me?!
Wow.. what a neat thread of helpful people... :) Mr firefighter is going to be pretty flattered when he gets found :)
With a simple search, I found this phone number: (604)626.0918. They'll be happy to tell you the name and contact info of the team who won the Pacific Regional Firefit that year (2010?). There ya go. Easy peasy. I should be a detective.
Hi Markus, any updates on this story? Would love to chat when you have a second... Thanks!
great story. thanks for sharing.
I'd really like to know what brand of SD card it was, so I know which to buy next time. I live on Vancouver Island, where there's a tad of salt water.
I think you should contact Canon and track the serial numbers. Otherwise, let's get a couple of those photos up.
Has the EXIF data for some of the photos been examined to see what information might be available, including possible GPS information. Of course that will vary by photo location and not very useful if you only have vacation photos on the camera that are at or near the location where it was found.

I wonder if a larger news agency (NPR-type) would pick up the story and run with a small blurb of interest.
The timestamp on the boat photo, 22:50. It's way too bright for that time. Looks more like 9ish for that time of year, which would be correct for Hawaii. Are we sure this guy's from BC ?

Are there any more photos you can upload ? Anything with background detail would be good.
Does the name of the boat show up ? Any car registration plates ? Airport photos (assuming he was on vacation) maybe with arrival / departure boards ? Are there any TV screens visible, hopefully with a newscast / ticker ? Any newspapers ? What about street scenes, even trivial stuff like advertising billboards (local ad campaigns might help narrow down the area if he took some photos around his home town).
The first pics on the card might be the most helpful, people like to test cameras and newly formatted cards by taking a few shots, these'd probably be close to his home or wherever he bought the card.
Interesting Story. It would be a pleasant surprise to the owner of the camera when he comes to know about it. Cheers. :)
+Jack Judge Good point! Ya' know, 1 out of 3 of my cameras always seem to have the wrong time and date!
+Jack Judge I noticed that time stamp as well - based on the level of marine growth on the camera when found, it was in the water for ~1 year (so the date at least is Summer 2010).
Markus - have you checked to see if any of the photos are geotagged?
Did you check the id number on the camera? chances are, whoever bought the camera also had a warranty so maybe you can call canon and give them the number and maybe theyll help you get it back to the owners.
+Alan Rowland thanks alan - I have checked the exif data for clues (no such luck) and it doesn't appear he used any sort of add-on to geotag.

+jennie elgar I have sent the serial to Canon Canada (see post details above) - no word back yet.
Can I ask a really dumb question? why do we assume it's the husband/father who's the firefighter? The woman/mother has a cast on her arm, perhaps she got that injury firefighting? Not trying to be a crazy feminist here, but the evidence suggests she could be the firefighter, doesn't it?
+Allison Sheridan good point and I agree - the first time I posted those photos I mentioned the possibility in the caption... will put it back :)
+Markus Thompson sorry, i meant to say the american canon people. i dont know if all the canon companies have the warranty info from everywhere, but maybe they bought it in the us. just a thought lol
This is my favorite post On google plus !!!
+Jack Judge the first image on the card is time stamped Aug 10, 2010; the last image: Aug 14, 2010. No details from those first photos beyond a hardwood kitchen floor.
+Markus Thompson, what consideration have you given to contacting Canon with the serial number and model of the camera?
+Kevin L. still waiting for a response back from Canon - hopefully today (see post details above).
Tim KH
Cool story. Let us know what happens. This story in on
Good luck on re-uniting the owner with the camera - post some photos and somebody will find them - for sure
I wonder if cameras should ask for your name during initial setup and then write it to a text file on every SD card used. Or, you could simply put a small text file on the card yourself with contact information, offering a reward or something if found.
Very cool story. Sucks that it was lost but a year under water and memories are still intact - crazy! Hope the owner can be found. Those pictures alone will be worth it to them. They can share this story forever. Found via Engadget. Hopefully it will hit maybe CNN?
Update: The camera owner has been identified - email received from Firefit Canada:

Hello Mark,
Thank you so much for the email.
Yes I know exactly who the camera belongs to!
He is a Delta Fire Fighter.
I will have him contact you.
Kind Regards,Hilary.

Thank you to everyone who responded with ideas (some listed below) - proof that the google+ hive-mind can be utilized to complete a simple gesture like returning someones photos :) 
Great story, hope you find the firefighter! With all facial recognition software around, this is actually something that it would help with... Gonna keep an eye on this story
Wow, amazing story. For Canon camera to keep the SD card intact and readable is great. SanDisk Extreme III, hats off to the brand, too. I have SanDisk Extreme II that stayed in my sweater's pocket and got washed a year ago. I thought I lost my data. Just dried it out for a day and had my files sharp as before.
Very, very cool that the mystery is solved! I lost my first 35mm camera (and a full reel of vacation shots) and was heartbroken. While he doesn't really have the camera back, he at least has the photos!
I cant believe you could retrieve photos from a card that had been at the bottom of the ocean for over a year!! Good job finding the owner! :)
Awesome! Spent a while last night looking around at various Firefit stuff trying to spot who it was with no luck :)
What an ad it can be for Canon, if Calgon can really restore this camera to use! SanDisk already has got its ad lined up, I'm sure.
Incredible story! :)
Markus i would like to talk to you, how can i send you an email, cannot find your address? Im new to this google+ :D
Hi Markus, please check the private post I wrote to you. It is about a reporter interested in helping finding the camera owners.
+1 for Google +

Overall rating
modern day message in a bottle :)
+Ioannis Vranos thanks for help - I appreciate it! (though I couldn't find your message). The camera owner has been located - see update above.

+Brian Rose thanks for contacting the Kamloops News - logically it would have been a brilliant next step. against the odds, the camera owner ended up being from Delta (2008 Firefit champs)... not what I expected.
this entire story is pretty awesome. Imagine having something you lost a year ago coming back. Awesome.
Será difícil encontrar esse dono.
Wait here...your original post says for sale. Are you still selling the camera?..LOL
I lost my camera in the Suwannee River, Florida. Can you go and retrieve that too?
K Yan
Which board of SD card?
wow,it's cool
This is an amazing story! Kudos!
Great job dude.. its good to see some lost and found activity possible through google+...
Without a doubt this is an amazing history!
How many here are attracted by jandan?= =
Xcellent job Markus...
This is truly awesome!
such a nice person are you!
Congrats to the owner and cudos to you!!!
db l
Congratulations to Markus and the rest of the Google+ community who helped out. Awesome story, and certainly irrefutable proof of the generosity of the human spirit ;-) Definitely inspirational ;-) 
Woah, what a story, +Markus Thompson ! Think Im going to write about you in my portuguese newspaper :) Do you mind? Also, if you would like, i would love to have some input in the story, give your side of it and your thoughts, how can I contact you? Thanks!
Rey Lit
that was nice of you.let me buy you a beer. :)
I sense a SanDisk commercial coming soon ;)
湊熱鬧+1 =.=
You should forward this story to the local news outlets. So they pick it up.
Now I would love to know his story, how he lost it, and what he replaced it with lol
How interesting the outcome between facebook and google+
I definitely wan't to know If the camera could get working again!!
Congratulations, and sorry you have to sit through the flood of comments, reshares, and circle adds (including myself) popping up in your newsfeed, heh
Congrats.. :D Do you think the camera will still work?.. :P if it does.. then im willing to buy it
Pretty funny, that's my brother-in laws camera. My sister gave it to them as a wedding present.. small world :)
when are you going to change your name to "good guy greg"
Cool story! It would be worth Google while to do an article on how fast the spread of the post managed to travel around the world in so many directions and how it was traced back to rightful owner, I'm curious how may people contacted the owner from different posts. I'm reading here in Ireland and think it is really a major WOW factor.. 1663+'s and 1509 shares is this the best record so far for a google Plus post.
Great story, and an awesome ending to it . . .
Kudos to you for putting forth the extra effort to reconnect the pictures to the owner!
+John Mack - "It would be worth Google while to do an article on how fast the spread of the post managed to travel "

Totally agree, just what i was thinking - if ever Google wanted a nice story to help promote G+, this could be it.

Well done to all concerned for tracking this guy down so quickly, impressive stuff! :-)
Hey man! you made them happy!
Good story, все хорошо закончилось
My email:

Thanks Daniel,
We have found the owner!
Kind Regards,
I have the exact same camera and just love how you found the owner! Suck on that Nikon lovers :)
A. I can't see any pictures of the family B. What on earth is Google+ hive mind that everyone is talkin bout in the articles? And only my friends can see my posts so how did the entire world see your posts exactly? (I exaggerated a little but a lot of ppl have seen your post and I don't get how.)
+Don Noll Nice story about the weather balloons. Do you have any photos to share with us from this?
+Kimberly Ross the pictures of the family aren't mine, so they're not posted. the g+ 'hive-mind' was slang I used in the original post for the g+ community coming together to solve a problem. post to public and your post can be seen by anyone - for this post in particular it's the shares that made it popular. hope that helps...
The whole story is fantastic :) ... internet is so powerful...
Saw this story on which is a Korean internet news. Glad to hear you found the owner! TTYL~
+Kimberly Ross in the case you want the public to see your post, you just post to "Public" instead of some Circles.

You can also post to specific individuals.
great story I just read about it :)
Wow! The technology today can help us more like the lost camera! I love it!
Well that is the wonders of Nature and modern advanced knowledge
Congratulations to all ! Great Story and you're a great guy !
sssam S
Incredible and amazing History!!
This is a really good story. Thanks!
This picture makes me want to cry. Great job tracking down the owner.
Extremely Well done Markus for finding the owner I bet they are really pleased and over the moon to get the photos and camera back, great story with a great ending Clap Clap Clap :}
Que gran historia... una vez más gracias GOOGLE+
That is sooooo cool you found the owner... its the G+....
This is a great story. Thank you for going the extra miles to find the owner. It's on yahoo shine now.
I love how people ask the same questions over and over. Proof that people don't take the time to read a thread online.
Caught the facebook link - great story. Congrats on finding the owner!
That's almost like the cop that was scuba diving in Aruba and the camera traveled by fish from Miami with video taken by fish and camera reunited with owner.
a touching story, kind gesture u had
N Maret
some tough camera
fatelo con una nikon :-D
Thank you so much Markus!!!!!! Steve and I can not express how much the effort you have gone to means to us. We had written the camera and the pictures of our first summer with Paige off that night on the wharf. We never would have thought that over a year later the camera would resurface and that someone would go to the effort to try and retrieve the images and then further that effort by trying to track us down using the internet. You are a very special individual Markus and deserve all the praise of the people on google plus. We would also like to thank the google community for all there efforts in assisting Markus. We never would have thought that a crest from a firefit championship would have been the clue to push you to the people who had the final clue. Our hats go off to you Markus and all those who helped him you have reunited us with with treasured memories and a story we will have forever.!!!
Thank you +Shannon Wood and welcome to Google+! Who would have thought it was possible to have your photographs returned from the bottom of the ocean... after a year?
Whenever anyone wants an example of the community-building power of social media, I'll point them to this thread. Absolutely brilliant and heart-warming.
+Tom Pitchford great job putting that together! I suppose I at least had the advantage that the individuals in the photos I found weren't wearing masks. Have a look through the comments, if you haven't already, there's some good advice buried in there.
Markus, I don't know you but you have probably made your close ones that know you proud... also you must know that you have probably made thousands of us that DON"T know you proud as well. You are the epitome of care for others... Thanks for inspiring many of us to do better.
The camera and return to its owner was featured in our local Vancouver BCTV news this evening with owner interviews. Kudos to all involved in finding the owners.
“woow” awesome! great story, love this kind of investigation, Great work Markus Thompson.
I read today your story wow it is great :)
Ainda bem que não é historia de pescador !!
Not to be a party pooper but SD cards are not usually damaged by water. Some corrosion on the connectors maybe, but usually that can be cleaned to where it works again. Not a lot of people know that.
Great story. Are you sure you did the right thing by stressing out how your story was promoted faster on Google+1 rather than on Facebook?

It sounds as if you're affiliated with G+1.
good work and really a good way of getting stuff to their owners.
What a nice story, specially in this time of Christmas. I really like it.
Great story (with a happy ending for good measure)! And kudos to +Markus Thompson for the initiative, and +Todd Kehrberg for the first correct guess on the owner (if i'm not mistaken). This story shows how friendly the Internet can be if it wants to :-)
We met with Markus today and he is even nicer in person than you would have thought. Thank you again for making this happen. The world needs more people like you. Take care and Steve and I really do hope we will see you again.
thanks shannon - you're too kind (understatement)! it was a pleasure to meet all four of you (the high-five from paige made it all worth while). tell steve to get his drysuit fixed, we'll go for a dive and I'll bring bring a camera equipped with an underwater housing this time :)
I lost my olympus - OLYMPUS show some kind gesture now !!!!
+Markus Thompson Love happy endings, and have been following your story since day 1. View the G+ ripples that your story has created.
Do you try to place a new battery ?
just for fun .....:)
I have tracked down this post in hopes that I can find the owner of a camera that I found floating in the Atlantic. I have hundreds of their photos. I am new to Google+. Suggestion on how to get started?
+martha loizeaux I would start by searching the photos for clues; that should give you some direction for potential people to contact. Search the camera exif data for clues. You can post the photos into google search or various websites that will search for other photos with the same camera serial. Select a few photos that you think people may be able to identify and post them on Google+. Read through the comments above - there's a small arsenal of tips buried in there.
Digital, or silver, didn't got wet inside?.
Amazing camera, but Markus you are such a wonderful person.
Thank God to having people like you in this world
God bless you
LOL should send it to Canon repair facility and get a quote for repair. Im sure they would get a chuckel out of that.

Classificação geral
That's about where a Canon belongs. <heh> (Sorry, I'm a Nikon shooter! ;-)
Senti uma grande curiosidade de ver as fotos,   não sei onde foram postadas.. ta onde?
Hi, Mark.

Went online to read all about it. Great story. Really enjoyed shooting with you yesterday. Thanks for letting me tag along. Hope you got some great shots. Very pleased with some of my ducks in flight.

Thanks +Ed Ziegler.   That turned out to be a really good day for light - I think I'll have to spend more time at Reifel in the Winter.  I haven't yet had a chance to closely inspect my shots yet - but I think at least a few of 'em will be keepers.
Thats some good work n honesty to bad there's not to many more people n this world we live in lik yourself, give yourself a pat on the back...its well deserved! 
I once saw a US Navy WW2 aerial bomb
in a Japanese bathtub.  As the ship was
sunk and that war had ended 37 years 
previously I suspected the US Armed
Forces might not want it returned..
I've seen more interesting things 
underwater than the contemporary.  
US Civil War relics in Nickajack
Cave, Colorado River sped gaze
of its bottom south of Interstate 10,
Arkansas River steamboat engine
east of Lock #9, Florida 'gator hole,
Frank S, Buck (1937) off California
Point Lobos, 9 m long Moray Eel in
Micronesia, Palau saltwater croc'. ,
My entire Nikonos 2 slide collection
is not on a CD. 
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