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March 2015

Yes, Zambia is a stunning country and a dream for every photographer. With our first monthly recap since the rebirth of +Monochrome in Zambia we're inviting you on a visual expedition from North to South.

An amazing journey from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia on the Tazara Railway with our brother and fellow photographer +Daniel Koellmann gave us both an unforgettable experience as well as countless breathtaking images captured in the 56 hour trip. Untouched wildlife was found in the South Luangwa National Park earlier this year during the so called Emerald Season while a short trip to Siavonga allowed us to visit the archaeological site in Ingombe Ilede, the "Sleeping Cow".

This album will give you the chance to skip through these geographical spots and others with a bit of macro and long exposure photography on top. Once again we thank you for your ever growing support.

#MonoZa #BlackandWhiteFineartPhotography #Zambia
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Northern Province, Zambia
December 2014

#LandscapePhotography #Zambia #Tazara  
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It's been a while ....

... since I've posted on +Google+ but I definitely wanted to share this update with you. Besides bringing my portfolio @ up to speed, I've created a more personal and mobile friendly page @ which gives you short insights into my skills in graphics as well as my way of working.

Please feel free to visit
and check my latest work @


#GraphicDesign #DesignPortfolio #GraphicDesigner  
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get at me brother let's talk will try calling u
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Kabanana, Zambia
January 2014

#NaturePhotography #MacroPhotography #MacroMonday
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Markus Koellmann

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#ASRTEN T-Shirt - Out now!

Created with pencil & paper, illustrated with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by Ensoniq's legendary Sampling Recorder, the #ASRTEN has been released this moment. Motivated by producers worldwide, the #ASRTEN promises to be a unique piece of gear for beat makers and admirers of the artform of music production worldwide.

To kick off this sale, we've decided to give you 25% discount on the recently released limited and numbered #ThreeThousand for your purchase of this new piece in this collection. Be quick as long as the stock lasts.

Place your order today!
more @

#EnsoniqASR #ASRTEN #ASR10 #BeatMaking
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Markus Koellmann

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wow...u really enjoyd..
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Lower Zambezi, Zambia
April 2015

#WildlifePhotography #LowerZambezi #Zambia
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Enjoying every bit of my long weekend with +Sara Sara​ in the Lower Zambezi National Park as well as its impressive wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Definitely recommend for everyone traveling to or through Zambia.

#Zambia #LowerZambezi #NationalPark
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RIP Earl Patrick McNease, aka +Praverb the Wyse

Patrick, you were a true brother in Christ,
A real supporter and respected worldwide.

I always admired your excellent work.
Wisdom's Cafe, Freestyles and Spoken Word.

One I looked up to for wisdom, advice.
Encouraged by your exemplary life.

Known for unique rhymes and lyricism.
P, working with you was a blessing.

Your voice like a roar. Your flow was on point.
More than a artist, a homie and friend.

I wrote these words with tears in my eyes.
Your legacy lives on, +Praverb the Wyse

#ForeverWyse #PraverbTheWyse #RIPPraverb 
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Markus Koellmann

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August 2014

Two thirds of this year have passed as we are sharing this recap of the month of August. After announcing the end of the cold season in our last recap we can truly feel the first heat waves striking the country.

Spending the last few weeks in the capital city has given us the chance to take the cam to the streets, capturing life in Lusaka. Life is moving rapidly with a boom in construction and a general influx of people and goods. These developments form ever-changing focus points for street photographers in particular.

We apologize for failing to share our work on a daily base as the month progressed and would like to thank you for your patience and support in these last days. Please bear with us as we catch up within the coming days. Thanks.

+Monochrome in Zambia couldn't do without you!
#MonoZa #BlackandWhitePhotography #Zambia  
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Markus Koellmann

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June 2014

Half a year has passed since the launch of +Monochrome in Zambia on the first of January. Six months of daily photography have been uploaded and shared. As our collection has grown, we're even happier about the increase of our followers and supporters from all over the world.

Every additional follower, every share and +1 brightens our day. With every image we post, we're already looking forward to your response, always encouraged by the thoughts you share. Now, as we step into the month of July, we want to thank you all for your incredible support that has grown with every single day.

Thank you for following +Monochrome in Zambia
#MonoZa #BlackandWhiteFineartPhotography #BlackandWhite  
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Repping my latest piece of gear @ work on set in Lusaka, Zambia. The limited edition MPC 3000 T-Shirt, inspired by beat makers and Hip-Hop heads from all over the planet. Limited and numbered to 50 pieces worldwide and counting down already ... 41 items remaining!

Pick your size and place your order @

#MPC3000 #ThreeThousand #MusicProduction  
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Designer with a passion for Art, Photography & Music
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