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Well with the dying radio in my N4 (when I make a phone call, I can't hear the person on the other end & they can't hear me, but if I reboot the phone & immediately make a call after it finishes rebooting, no audio issues), it's time to replace it. Just ordered an "orange" Sony Xperia Z3 compact (D5803).

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The Argument For A Google Experience Z3 Compact
+Google , +Sony Xperia , please hear me out.
(and please reshare this if you agree)

1) We need a small pure Android phone. I'm sorry. The N4 is small enough, but the camera SUCKS.
2) Sony doesn't appear to actually have any plans to released the Z3 Compact officially in the US. Sure, you can buy the unlocked version from their store, but it's not a pure Android option.
3) It's a true powerhouse compact phone. Amazing battery. Amazing camera. True one-handed operation.
4) Not everyone loves big phones. 
5) Getting pure Android to work on the Z3 Compact should be easy. Sony already has AOSP running on the Z3.

If Google released a GPE edition Z3 Compact, I'd probably have to get one just on principle. Lollipop on a high quality phone that's smaller than an iPhone 6 would appeal to a LOT of people not upgrading to the bigger iPhones. And that's a LOT of people right now. 

Not everyone likes two-handed phones. Give them an outstanding alternative.

Thank You

Thoughts on today's Nexus devices annoucement:

Nexus 6: 6 inch screen AND a $650 price tag, um no. If I wanted a tablet for a phone, I'd get a tablet. This just marks another device that will not fill the void of replacing my aging N4 (which isn't bad at this point, I just want to replace it will something new).

Nexus 9: 4:3 screen ratio; really come on. Plus I can get a Shield Tablet for a $100 cheaper. Sure the Shield Tablet has the 32-bit K1 while the N9 has a the 64-bit K1, and the screen is 0.9 inch larger but still, not worth the price difference and the screen ratio.

Nexus TV: really a PowerVR GPU and only 1GB of RAM, while the ADT-1 had a Tegra 4 and 2GB of RAM. It's just a step back. Should have just charged an extra $50 and given us a 64-bit Tegra K1 with the Kepler GPU.

Overall, I pretty disappointed with today's announcement.

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OMG. Germany is destroying Brazil 4-0, 27 mins in. 5-0, 29 mins in. :D #WorldCup

Damn, the Netherlands is destroying Spain. #WorldCup

Does anyone know +T-Mobile's policy on voice & data roaming within the continental US? I'm guessing that there aren't any special fees or anything since they include international roaming. Just want a confirmation. Thanks.
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