I finally did it. Moving all my #flickr  pictures and photosets to #googledrive  .  Beside the fact that this reached an overall size which isn't easy to handle I am quite happy with my decision. #Flickr  simply isn't the same for me anymore since I joined in 2006. What started out as a great community and place to showcase your work ended up as kind of a cloud storage with little to less additional benefit to me. I simply don't have the time to care for the many contacts I have and I don't feel the need to be on Explore anymore. It still might be a good place to look for CC-licensed pictures, but compared with the 47 USD I have to pay for a 2y membership this simply isn't enough.

 Why didn't I choose #Dropbox  ? That is simple. It's too expensive. I don't care about having more than 50GB of storage and with it's 99 USD it's three times what #Google  is charging you (2,49*12=29,88). And you get additional goodies. You get your #GoogleMail  account upgraded, too. Well, it seems as if I am finally locked in with a vendor. But they are doing great. 2-factor auth is only one of the many good ideas those guys simple put into practice. To make it short: I am impressed. BUT there is always room for improvement, right? Here is my little "wishlist" of things I would love to see coming to Google:

1) Join #Picassa , #GoogleDrive  and #GooglePlus  conceptual. I mean, I have the same picture once, right? And #Picassa   and #googlePlus  already seems to have some kind of alignment. But What I would love to see is a "Share from/to Google Drive" icon somewhere. Drive is the system I am working with. Not the fancy picassa client. I know, I "should" use picassa. But, guys, that's exactly why I left #flickr . Give me picassa to showcase my work as kind of a drive frontent. That would be awesome. And same is true with the picture integration with GooglePlus. I mean, why can't I simply "add" pictures from my drive to plus? Sharing from drive is possible, but I also would love to trigger that action from plus.

2) Integrate #GoogleMail  smoothly. Why can't I save attachments to my drive? Why can't I simply "backup" conversations to my drive? I would love to have the option to save attachments automatically to drive by enabling a common setting (folder structure => mail/from/date/attachment-type) or simply save any individual attachment myself. Might be nice to have a link back from the attachment to the mail and vice versa. It could be possible to actually completely remove attachments from my mail.

3) Give me remember-able URLs for public content. What should that be: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B2U4kn1681CMb2NWbzJaRURkTk0/edit ? Beside the fact, that I don't like the "docs.google.com" domain in it .. it simply should be possible to use folder-names in links. And I want to be able to at least use (parts) of my name in that url. Something like http://drive.google.com/eisele/Jfokus_2012/ would be awesome. It's public. I don't care if anybody can guess it. That's different to shared links. I love to see them cryptic as possible :)

4) Give me statistics :) Only a few :) Might be worth to consider including #GoogleAnalytics  here, too. I love to see how many people actually care about my work.

That's it for now. Might be, that I missed something. But I believe that these are the hardest things I have to get used to. 
So, thanks #Google  for making this possible! Thanks for taking care and looking forward to being a valued customer with your services :)
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