Here's the first version of a plugin to replace an article stub by content from the linked URL's page. This one can be configured for every feed you like it to process. Have fun!
ttrss_plugin-af_feedmod - Article Filter plugin for Tiny-Tiny-RSS to replace article stubs by website contents.
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Sounds good, I will test it as soon as possible!
+Markus Birth Can you give an example use case? I'm wondering if you have an RSS source why you just don't subscribe the normal way.
+Miles Beck: I have several feeds which only provide the first paragraph of the news, a few words or even the heading alone. This plugin fetches the linked page and replaces that short abstract by the whole news. So I can read everything without leaving tt-RSS. And I can even read those news in "offline"-mode on my smartphone.
Is this compatible with the Android App? Besides Offline-Caching this is one of the most missed features for me.
+Till Wiese: Yes, that was the intention: This plugin modifies the articles before they are sent to the database. Thus you will have complete articles in the database and you will also see them in full beauty in the Android app. ;)
Really cool. Thanks a lot for this.
+paul bertino I didn't knew this service. Do you know similar OpenSource Versions of it? I'd like to study the source code. Until then I will study the code of the Plugin from +Markus Birth .
Seems like there are.  google:  "rss full text open source"
Yeah, should've done that first. Thanks.
If you have a chance could you add a how-to? Maybe a real usage case example?
+paul bertino: Everything you need is on the GitHub-page (the you'll see below the file listing). Including an example configuration. Even the use-case is described there.
I am seriously loving this plugin thankyou!
I do have a small issue with one feed I'm trying to use on. When trying to grab the comic for Order of the Stick it doesn't seem to work. I'm using "xpath": "img[starts-with(@src,'/comics')]"
Page url is

Any suggestions?
ahh perfect, my matchstring was lowercase. I'll give that a go. Thanks!
After some time I tried your Plugin, doesn't seem to work for me. I can't even get to the FeedMod settings to set them up, the logs show a php-error: FastCGI: server "/var/www/tt-rss/cgi-bin/php5.cgi" stderr: PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method PluginHost::getInstance() in /var/www/tt-rss/plugins/af_feedmod/init.php on line 144, referer:

Where's my failure?
+Till Wiese It seems you used the current Git version which is already optimized for the current tt-RSS. There's a closed issue at GitHub where the workaround is described.
Thanks. I just updated tt-RSS. The JSON files in the mods subfolder are defaults I guess? Can I add my settings there too?
+Till Wiese Sooner or later I will use them for the preferences. For now it's just examples. You're welcome to add your definitions via a Pull Request at GitHub. :)
Yeah, I just realized that the Oatmeal RSS doesn't change, I'll add your example to my settings.
I'll try to create some pull requests. But honestly I am fairly new to git and I don't get the importance of some of your used parameters.
Nevertheless, I will try. ;-)
Would it be possible in a future release to allow also matching title in addition to url? This would allow us to exclude processing of news articles on comic sites :D
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