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Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018 ---- Just down Ga-400 from Sandy Springs is the little locally owned and operated moving company that could. With more than a dozen moving trucks from 24 to 30 feet, our specialty is local moving but we also perform high quality long distance moving services. We operate 20,000 square feet of moving storage near midtown Atlanta and are a full service moving and storage company that also has a full complement of packing supplies like moving boxes and packing paper. Hire us to help you with packing and we will show up the day before you are moving and knock out the packing to protect valuable items from possible damage or scratches during moving.

Sandy Springs Movers calling Mark the Mover moving company are calling a moving company with a reputation that has been built on more than three decades of moving. We have lots of reviews at, yelp and that Angie's place. We also have reviews on google, and even on yahoo, but we think most of the reviews on yahoo for moving companies are suspect. You have to be careful these days believing everything you see on the internet, and that is why we also encourage you to check with family and coworkers, with over 30 years of moving experience and more than 40,000 households moved, Mark the Mover has a lot of fans.

People also use Mark the Mover for moving from Atlanta, Dunwoody, Alpharetta and Marietta, as well as anywhere around Atlanta Georgia, to Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida. In fact consumers use Mark the Mover for moving to places a lot farther than even North Carolina. We have moved people from Atlanta to just about everywhere. When Mark the Mover takes on a long distance move, we do it faster than the big van liner moving companies. Since we have smaller trucks, we dedicate the entire truck to your move. The big moving companies have to consolidate your household goods with other consumers to make a full van load before they will ship your goods. So if you want a full service moving company, especially for local moves or nearby states, try Mark the Mover Atlanta Movers.

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At Wikipedia, the definition of a moving company also uses the terms removalist and van line. Removals is a term used in the UK on the other side of the pond, and not so much in Decatur Georgia. When doing an internet search, blokes from London would for example search for removals, London to find a moving company there. A London removals company is an outfit that performs moving company chores in the narrow streets and byways of London. On the Wikipedia page they show a picture, actually marked as Germany, where the moving company brought their own lift to convey household goods to a second story flat where older buildings don't have freight elevators and the tasks of relocation are not as easy as in a modern American high rise with wide aisles and elevators.

The term Van-Line is more common in the states, but more suited to a long distance moving company than local movers. van lines are so named due to the trailer being called a van, and is especially suited to moving household goods. The moving van is designed quite differently than a standard semi trailer. Most big trucks you see on the road are standard semi trailers loaded at a loading dock rapidly with a forklift. But the moving van is carefully loaded by hand with your household goods in your driveway or in the street by your house. The moving van will have ramps and interior bracing specially for loading and unloading your household goods during relocation.

A van line more often applies to a long distance moving company. This is so even though a local moving truck, usually a one piece 26 foot moving van, is also called a van. It is very similar to a local delivery truck, except that is has the interior wood lined interior of a moving van with the bracing and strapping flexibility of the standard moving van. The local delivery truck on which a moving company bases a local moving van is able to navigate the streets and thoroughfares of Atlanta more easily than a semi based moving truck. A moving company specializing in local moving will operate moving trucks ranging in size from 14' long to 30' long.

Some moving companies start in business with smaller trucks. The versatility of the smaller trucks is unmistakeable but the moving company will not have the ability to fit an entire 3 bedroom apartment on a smaller local moving truck. For this reason, a moving company may have a mix of smaller and larger moving trucks. At Mark the Mover, our moving trucks range in size from 22' to 30' in length. As a household relocation company, we do not have some of the smaller trucks that newly formed companies use to form a moving company. But we know from history about moving our customers with a pickup truck. Mark started moving households in Virginia Highland with his pickup truck and the help of a couple of friends.

Sometimes a customer will call a moving company looking for a small moving chore like moving a refrigerator or a couch or a washer and dryer. Back in the day, Mark would jump on the opportunity and charge between fifty and a hundred bucks (that was thirty years ago) depending on whether it was just from Inman Park to Morningside or across town. He would throw the washer and dryer in the pickup truck, and sans insurance, state regulatory rules, federal motor carrier regulations and labor law, Mark would have your simple job knocked out as soon as he could get to it.

In fact, instead of hiring a moving company, some movers rent a moving truck from Penske or U-Haul and save a little money, which is possible on smaller moving efforts. If you can gather a crew and load a truck one day and unload it the next, for as little as two hundred dollars you can relocate a small household. That of course does not include pizza, beer, and aspirins for a sprained back. You might also check with your homeowners insurance to see that you are covered in the event of a serious injury. A moving company on the other hand carries Workmen's Compensation Insurance on their crews, and are dedicated to helping and rehabilitating moving professionals that may strain a muscle or even get seriously hurt in the household relocation effort.

So in Atlanta Georgia, a moving company is a company that experienced movers rely on to navigate not just the city streets, but all the local, state and federal requirements of caring for your household goods and caring for a workforce that you can trust and rely on. Compared to the aforementioned rental effort, the same size move occurs more quickly and while you can almost always count on something getting damaged when you are loading the rental truck, a professional moving company can often have incredibly low rates of damaging despite that large number of moves they take on.

A moving company in Georgia serving Atlanta primarily for local moving and serving six states including Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina and Tennessee for long distance, and even all 48 North American states, Mark the Mover has over three decades of moving company experience.

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Check out the artists concept for the new Braves complex at

The best time in life to hire the lowest priced moving company, if ever, is when we are young. Our furniture often consists of cinder blocks and planks of wood for entertainment stands, and inexpensive furniture the likes of which we enjoyed picking up in our hatchback car from Ikea and Pier 1 imports. Breakage and damage costs us little, we can always go buy another plank of wood. But we learn, through experience, that the lowest price mover often shows up late and has a poor record of handling furniture with care. In the event a claim may be needed, for cameras, computers, or whatever could be damaged, we should learn early in life that moving companies that operate on a wing and a prayer don't have the resources to handle losses that can occur when our household goods become more highly valued.

Household goods carriers are a class of regulated shipping business in the United States. If you want to move at the lowest cost, your best option is to rent a Penske truck and move yourself. If you are hiring a moving company, read some information from and watch our for the cheapest price moving advertisements where you are sure to get more hassles than the money was ever worth. Assuming you can afford to hire a reasonably priced moving company planning now the company whose services you are about to use is a simple step of probably asking friends and neighbors, co-workers and family who they used. Once you are familiar with some quality companies you can call and get a range of prices and minimums which for local moves in the Atlanta area the pricing is per hour and the minimum hours are two Monday through Thursday and three hours on weekends. 

You can think you don't need moving companies, and in your case and it might be a fact. Moving companies carry workmen's comp insurance on their workers and a certain amount of advertising and profit are built into every move. You can rent a large Penske truck for around $ 100 if you can get done in one day, and if you have the friend that won't steal your stuff, you will be done in a day. Make sure you get a lot of friends. I always worry though, what if one of your friends gets hurt, just wondering.

Also make sure you don't underestimate the job, because when you have to organize the other part of the moving plus it can turn out to be almost impossible to take care for all the other related stuff to packing and moving all the furniture and some furniture can get very heavy. Also if you have long carrys or a lot of stairs, not many friends want to help. If you own a lot of valuable objects you  also don't want to risk damaging them. A moving company can help you with the supplemental insurance you should consider in this case, at least the good companies have that information.

Many companies offer services such as packing or cleaning on the day of the move, at Mark the Mover we offer packing services the day before the move, but we do not offer separate cleaning services and this is a real plus if you were renting and to make sure you get your damage deposit back.  Don't forget to ask also about how soon they can begin and whether they offer additional services such as packing, for example, it might be extra help for those of you. For large moves your estimator will see what have to be moved. Make your choice based on the services the company can provide. Of course, you have to know that if moving is during school holidays or the weekends it's going to be more expensive. Don't leave all the planning work for the last moment and have in mind that the whole process will take some time, include it in your schedule for moving.

After you have picked the moving and relocation professionals for the job, make sure you give them enough information for the place where they have to transport your things at. Any moving you should consider having insured your things. Most of the companies will offer you an insurance covering the damages that might happen during the transporting process. Rarely will a homeowners policy cover if you already have ask your insurer whether it covers the damages on your household goods during transportation.

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The task of packing up all your things to move to a new place can seem daunting at best. A move, whether it's cross-town or cross-country, is often fraught with anxiety and headaches: Which mover should I use? Am I getting a good deal? Will my belongings be safe? Because moving expenses can run high, it's smart to do a little research before handing your money — and your hard-earned possessions — to just anyone. Follow this advice from Real Simple on how to hire a mover: Start by getting recommendations for movers from family and friends. Real estate agents are also a good source. Look for companies that will offer you estimates in person — those are the only ones that will give you a reliable figure. More on this from Marshall Loeb at CBS News

Atlanta households choosing a moving company choose Mark the Mover for an Atlanta moving company for less stress on moving day. With three decades of household relocation, Mark the Mover has been the choice of so many Atlanta movers that chances are that one of your friends or neighbors has used Mark the Mover. We never over book our crews, and you don't need a moving company that might not show up or show up on time for a hassle on moving day.

Mark the Mover has big shiny trucks that can move your entire house or apartment quickly and conveniently. Our professional crews are well groomed and polite, work quickly and want to make sure nothing goes wrong on your move. We also sell moving supplies like moving cartons. It's important to pack in smaller boxes, and to use boxes of the same size so that the truck can be packed securely during the relocation effort. While these moving cartons are available at the lowest prices at Lowes and Home Depot, we sell a more rugged moving box. But if you can't make it to Mark the Mover to pick up our superior moving cartons, the next best thing to do is to use a lot of the smallest boxes you can, so they don't get too heavy and fall apart. Using lots of the same size, the most of which would be the smallest size, allows your moving crew to quickly and securely pack the moving truck on moving day.

Also buy a big heavy marker and label the room from which the box was packed. Larger boxes can be used for comforters and pillows, medium boxes can be used for clothes, hall closets, sporting equipment and lampshades and the small boxes for everything that will fit. Even small boxes get heavy quickly and can be topped off with packing paper. Boxes need to be filled to the top, even if it is with packing paper so they can be stacked in transport without deformation.

Saturday, October 18, 10am-6pm, Olmsted Linear Parks, Free! - 
Fourth Annual Fall Festival on Ponce, an Atlanta arts and crafts festival held in the historic Olmsted Linear Park. children's area, local gourmet food, beverages and a small stage for acoustic musical performances.

The Gwinnett Gladiators Minor League Hockey Team opens in Atlanta October 24 and 25th, with premium tickets only $20-30 and cheap seats for $12 and up. The Gladiators play at the Gwinnett Arena at the Gwinnett Center on Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth. Ticket packages are available online and gameday tickets are available at the Gwinnett Center.
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