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Mark Powlett Hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Redditch and working with SKype
Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Redditch and working with SKype


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Sometimes you have to explain that Hypnosis is really not quite what you see in stage and in films or on TV...
Perhaps those things are simply fake hypnosis?


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Broadchurch star Olivia Colman may have three Baftas but it doesn't mean that she can always walk on stage without some help. She talked recently about having hypnotherapy for her stage fright..

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It's that time of year again where I see more and more people who are ready to let go of a Spider Phobia with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. You really do not need to live with it...

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Here's another amazing Optical Illusion that shows how our brains and minds can be tricked into seeing things that we don't see and not seeing things that are really there.

It looks like these two circles in the illusion are wobbly and not a perfect circle but I can show you that they are by adding a circle to the picture.

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This popped up and reminded me of the fact that when we filmed this story it was freezing cold at the lake...The story still stands..the weather not so much ! The Magic Bank Account !

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Have you heard about the Cognitive Shuffle?
It's a new way that you can use to switch off your restless mind at bedtime and sleep more soundly.
Give it a try for yourself !

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What to do when the Pokemon Servers are Down? How can you find out the Service status for the app....and also take a few moments to relax and do something different, real and no virtual!
If you are looking to find out what is happening then the links to the Pokemon Go Service Status and also a World Map of who can use the App are here...alongside some videos that you can watch whilst you wait for it to return !

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I love finding ways that can show us the power of our mind. Here's a video where you can watch your own arms moving in opposite directions just by thinking about it !

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Back in the Room the Hypnosis gameshow moves to Fox in the US with Taye Diggs named as host and Keith Barry the Hypnotist in charge. I look forward to seeing how this version pans out !
Taye Diggs has been announced as the new host of the Fox TV version of You're Back in the Room the hit Hypnosis gameshow with Keith Barry performing the Hypnotist duties. I wonder if this telly marmite will be different in the US where Stage Hypnosis is very much more accepted? 
The big question.." Is Back in the Room real or fake?" will run and run!  #ybitr   #hypnosis   #tayediggs  
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