Fresh photography from +Photo Exchange Club :)
The new Photo Exchange Club Collection!
(please see below for changes)

Enjoy these photos from members of the Photo Exchange Club. Browse the collection, and add people to your circles! These are active users who contribute to this curated collection of photography on Google+. Make new connections!

To submit your own photo, comment below with a link. (click on the date of the post you want to share, and copy the link from there). No albums, collections, etc. Please share this Collection to help promote the PEC! The next Collection will come out on March 30th.

Share this post, and add it to your collections!

* Since Google+ has 'hardforked' to the new layout and rules, we'll have to change some of ours as well.

The latest Collection will now be shared at the end of the time frame, and member's photos will be added as they come in from comments on that post, rather than just before the next Collection.

It will also help visibility if you can tag other members or photographer friends in the comments, and of course, share this post and maybe mention a few people. Getting the word out to members is now more difficult in the new G+.

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