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Tracking the trackers: Garmin, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Moves (updated) // I have updated my article ( with more data from two more runs. Seems like my initial enthusiasm for Moves to have been premature... :) 
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Excellent tips by +Jacob Maentz on why and how to select keywords for your photos, increasing your exposure.

#webmarketing #photography #tips
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"We have to go back!", Jack screamed // The area around the Philharmonie in Luxembourg offers so many great angles that I need to go back (again) with my bigger camera and try to capture them all! :)

Do you have a favourite spot that you visit over and over again?

#photooftheday #iphoneography #vsco

cc +Maciej Markiewicz ;)
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Yes we can +Markos Giannopoulos
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A first test: comparing a GPS Garmin watch, Fitbit's Force fitness tracker  and two iOS apps. Results from my first run with a heart rate monitoring Garmin watch and how it compares with other tracking methods. What do you use to track your running?
I have long been mad for tracking pretty much anything, so when I started jogging, it was quite obvious I would be tracking my runs as well. I started with Moves ( an iOS/...
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@movesapp vs @RunKeeper vs @fitbit vs @Garmin! // What happens when you have an iPhone, a wristband tracker and a GPS watch with a heart rate monitor to record your run? Lot's of numbers to make a comparison! 

Full article here

#fitnesstips  +Moves +Moves Export +RunKeeper +Garmin  #garminforerunner   #runkeeper   #trackingdevice  
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So which other social network has so many tools for analytics? :) 

Check out this #tntbootcamp  video with +Christine DeGraff 
One use case - 4 Google+ Tools

+Christine DeGraff is describing here how to use +Circloscope, +NOD3x, +Steady Demand and one other tool ;) together to get a lot of insights and support in her daily "work" on Google+

Thanks a lot for the mention Christine and also thanks a lot +Ronnie Bincer for the huge compliment at the end!

#googleplustools #TNTBootcamp #influencermarketing  
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Thanks +Markos Giannopoulos I don't know the answer to that!
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OMG, it's activated! The end of the world is coming! :) // Celebrating my new poster, with a classic Luxembourg view. "The Calendar after the End", inspired by the Mayan end of the world, is designed by Corn Studio and silkscreen printed by tind and erato in Athens, Greece. Check it out at
#photooftheday   #architecturephotography   #illustration  
#CityReflections #SONYNEX5R #architecture #calendar #city   #cornstudio   #graphicdesign     #illustration #light #night #posters #shadows #sky   #urban +Architecture Photography +Architectural Photography +BTP Architecture Pro +HQSP Architecture 
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Markos Giannopoulos

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500px reverses rates, now offer photographers a 70% cut from Prime service // I had written back in February about a new service from +500px, call Prime, targeting the higher end of the stock photos market. There was a lot of negative response for their 30% rate (even though bigger companies like Getty start their rates at 20%). I've since didn't give much further thought to it since they were also asking to agree to license agreements that I didn't have the time to check, so I missed the official launch of the service. 

With it came a surprise, as 500px is now offering 70% of income to the photographer. Their announcement blog post ( is now filled with people complaining that their photos are not accepted into the service fast enough ;) 

See also commentary on Petapixel
500px wants to work with us, gets back hate // I got a... flattering mail this morning from +500px, inviting me to participate in their new service called Prime (teaser site here Announced two weeks ago, 500px wants to "fundamentally change the way photos are licensed".

However, as can be seen on their announcement ( but also on photographers community sites like DPReview (, the feedback is not very good. Despite setting a minimum threshold of $250 per licensed photo, the announced rate of 30% for photographers was met with feelings ranging from dissapointment to disgust. 

I haven't been involved in selling photography but for starters it's interesting that many people are looking at the rate and not the selling prices. Your thoughts? 

#photography   #licensing   #stockphotography     #commercialphotography   #flickr   #getty   #500px  
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This is what happens when you're lazy #heartbleed #xkcd (
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If you can spare 20,000$ to throw away on an material object instead of giving it to charity, this is the only watch that there is any point wearing in the 21st century 
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