The  Domino Sparrow (De dominomus)
Het Natuurhistorisch, Rotterdam

The "Dominomus" gained fame when it inadvertently entered the hall where preparations where made for Domino Day 2005 the nth iteration of that show where they try to make it in the Guiness Book of Records by toppling millions of dominoes.
After two days the sparrow had already toppled 23.000 dominoes (possibly a record for a sparrow) and  animal control was called in to end the menace.
Failing to capture the bird they resorted to shooting, and killing, it with an air rifle. This led to a national outcry, international media attention and ultimately a fine for the killer (the house sparrow is a protected species).

After it's untimely demise the sparrow was kept as evidence, and ultimatly donated to the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.

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