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He fits right in

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Weighing a baby giraffe
Next up, baby elephant?
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...and proud of it
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That explains it — I was wondering if Daewoo Chevrolet even had dealerships in Monaco.
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Support the 'Mammoth is Mopey' Alphabet Book
The coolest alphabet book featuring prehistoric animals you'll ever see,
The fun of prehistoric beasts goes so well with the joy of language, we combined them into this book. To be honest, we think that Mammoth is Mopey will hit the spot for anyone who loves reading with children.

You can support this because the world needs a cool book like this, for the perks or to snap up a copy for your inner child (you know you want to).

#crowdfunding   #paleontology  
Mammoth is Mopey is an alphabet book celebrating two great joys: prehistoric animals and language. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards
A short 'Walking with Dinosaurs' style documentary about life in the Mesozoic.

Via +Raven Amos 
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☺☺☺ Incredible! ☺☺☺
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Blue-bearded bird spotted again after 69 years
The Blue-bearded Helmetcrest Oxypogon cyanolaemus was last seen in 1946 with recent expeditions failing to find the birds, until now.
"I saw the flash of a bird screeching past me and saw it perch on a bush nearby. I managed to take a quick photo of it before it flew off. I then reviewed the photo on the camera screen and immediately recognized the strikingly patterned hummingbird as the long-lost Blue-bearded Helmetcrest – I was ecstatic!! After reports of searches by ornithologists failing to find this spectacular species, Christian and I were the first people alive to see it for real.”

It's not out of the woods yet though, the Blue-bearded Helmetcrest lives only in the Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. A fragile ecosystem threatened by fires that are set by indigenous people for agriculture. 
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That would be pretty amazing
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Close encounters in the Deep
“watching on channel one the super sampler is…THE HECK IS THAT?!”
That turned out to be an inquisitive male sperm whale. The resulting footage is quite mesmerizing, with the majestic beast repeatedly circling around the ROV.

#whales     #cachelot  
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Try this
(since it's actually blocked here!)
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For all our jokes about flying cars and hover boards, the future is pretty awesome. Technology is exciting. Technology is fun. And hardware can serve as much as a platform for physical outreach as WordPress and Twitter have for online outreach. And it’s not just that the technology is there, it’s that the technology is easy.

3D printing lets us take our digital outreach efforts and make them physical.
Last week, we launched a novel little experiment in crowdfunding marine science and conservation - Buy David Shiffman a Less Ugly Pair of Sunglasses - ostensibly about replacing David's legendarily...
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I'll just leave this here...

#elementary   #archeology  
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I knew he wasn't reading the bible , im so ashamed of our child ! I can't bieleve he has this stuff !!!
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Taxidermy, the art of making dead animals look alive
Those squirrels look pretty convincing especially considering they started out as roadkill.

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Thanks +Roland J. Ruttledge!  
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Albino Tapir spotted
The animal was a local legend among the people living in a protected area of southeastern Brazil's Atlantic rain forest. They reported sightings of a pure-white tapir, a piglike animal that's usually dark brown, roaming the area.

Such tales piqued the interest of National Geographic contributing photographer Luciano Candisani, who wanted to capture the ghostly beast on film.

Albinos tend to be extremely rare, not least because the normal colour of the animal serves as camouflage. Whereas an albino tapir stands out like a sore thumb.

#Tapir   #Cryptozoology   #Albino  
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Absolutely! E.G.:

... and give a wonderful twist to stories when you substitute "vampire" with "tapir" :-)
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Marko Bosscher

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Fire ant Fight
Fire ants are agressive ants with nasty stingers that they use to inject a nasty venom.
Fire ants may have taken over Texas, but they still squabble among themselves. Here, workers have pinned down an intruder from a rival colony, who defends herself with her stinger.

Photographed at Bastrop State Park this afternoon.
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Komen ze in een gebied voor, dan betekent datheteinde voor amdere zoorten.
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