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I was recently asked some questions about trading and sport by an interviewer who is also involved in both.  Always fun to talk about these things. 

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Enjoyed this interview process. 
The most recent interview in my Pro's Process series with my friend
+Markham Gross  is now live in the online version of TRADERS" Magazine.

If you are interested in trading, particularly systematic trend following, I encourage you to take a look.

Free information to help you learn ;-)

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This paper examines seven very popular myths and misconceptions held by both retail and institutional investors regarding managed futures.

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What will you do with your time? 

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It was fun to talk about trading from a psychological perspective. 

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Had a little mention in this post.

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I enjoyed taking part in this interview series that tackles trading (and investing) from a psychological perspective.

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Divergent strategies tend to be more robust over the long term and therefore should be considered in a portfolio, but commonly are not. 

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