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#Fish is the most-traded #food commodity worldwide. The global #fish market has been exhibiting steady growth for over a decade, driven majorly by the constantly mounting demand, enhancing awareness about health benefits of eating fish, and sustainable expansion of the #aquaculture sector. Last year, the world’s production of fish totaled around 174 million metric tons. China is the dominant producer of fish in the world, the country’s fish output volume reached 58.8 million metric tons in 2017. Discover other important facts on the current scenario in the #FishMarket in our new article at

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Attention! Until September 30, 2018 you have a great chance to buy any of the #research reports elaborated by Bonafide at a 20% #discount or get an update on any of this publisher’s research studies issued during 2015-2017 for free! Hurry up to benefit from this lucrative offer! For more details visit

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Good news! Our research partner, Infinium, currently runs a special #discount campaign. Grab the lucrative opportunity to buy in-demand #research reports worked out by Infinium and save up to 25%. For more info on this offer visit

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The global #beauty industry has maintained a steady growth pace during the past years. It remains viable even in the volatile economic conditions. The beauty market continues to thrive encouraged by constantly changing consumer preferences and tastes, non-stop product launches, ongoing innovations, remarkable technological advancements and rising disposable incomes of consumers. Discover the most prominent trends shaping the #BeautyIndustry landscape in 2018 in our new article at

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Did you know that last week was the World #SelfieDay? From ordinary people to celebrities and politicians, people all over the world have become keen of taking pictures of themselves, a.k.a. #selfie. Some interesting facts about #selfies:
• There are above 350 million photos uploaded on Instagram with “selfie” hashtag.
• India set the record for the highest number of people in 1 selfie – a total of 2151 people.
• “Pouting” is one of the most popular faces to make a selfie.
• Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the Oscars in 2014 has garnered the highest number of retweets of all time.
• More than 1,000 selfies are uploaded on Instagram per second.
• Making selfies increases happiness according to a study published by the University of California in 2016.
• Selfies can be dangerous! In 2017, India had the highest number of selfie-related deaths worldwide.
Market Publishers offers a vast collection of in-demand research studies featuring the markets for #SelfieSticks, #SelfieCameras, #SelfieMonopods, etc. Find them at

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Save up to 30% on the in-demand #research report “Pasta & Pasta Sauces in Europe” elaborated by our Geneva-based research partner, Food for Thought FFT S.A. (FFT). This #ResearchStudy provides a detailed picture of the #pasta and #PastaSauces market dynamics across various European countries. Note that discount offer is valid only until July 8, 2018! Find the discounted report at

Some statistics: The European market for pasta and pasta sauces increased by appr. 2% annually during 2012-2017, and reached the value of EUR 17.7 billion in 2017. The foodservice sector contributed around 16.5% of the total market value. The per capita expenditure on pasta and pasta sauces in #Europe was EUR 24 in 2017.

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Interesting fact: some scientists suggest that by the year 2050, the global ocean will have more #plastic than fishes. Today, #PlasticWaste management is one of the hottest issues of the modern world. In the wake of the surging popularity of #EcoFriendly products and more stringent governmental measures regarding the environmental protection, #Bioplastics emerge as a nice alternative to conventional plastic materials, and a good solution to address the problem of increasing #PlasticPollution as wellas to retain a green world for the future generations.

We have revealed the most prominent trends in the rapidly-evolving scenario of the world’s #BioplasticsMarket in our new article at

#BiodegradablePlastic #biopolymers

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Good news! Our #research partner, La Merie Publishing, provides a 33% #discount on its package of two research studies featuring TRC-Based Antibody and T-Cell Immunotherapy field. For further details follow

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With ongoing breakthroughs in #RenewableEnergy technologies and increasing focus of governments worldwide on #CleanEnergy measures, 2018 will undoubtedly be another exciting year for the renewable energy industry. Wonder what trends are poised to spark change in the market scenario this year? – Read our new article at

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Our research partner, BCC Research, has recently launched a lucrative discount offer on its research reports. The prices are discounted up to 30%! This offer is valid only until the end of June. Hurry up to buy in-demand research studies at discounted prices! For further details follow
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