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A Look At The Dark Side Of Twitter Popularity: The Paid Follower Economy
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There's only one loser in all of this... the person that purchases empty followers believing that they are of any value to anyone!.
I have not bought any followers, but I'm not sure I agree that there's no value. People look at the numbers and rate you on how many followers you have and usually don't care about the quality of said followers. If you're a business, you have to keep up appearances.
I generally look at the quality of the content a profile is posting, rather than the number of followers they have... Obviously, some people may take follower numbers into account but having a decent targeted audience to engage with is far more important than the actual number of followers. Just my thoughts...
I totally agree.  I was just responding to your comment. The 'loser' you talk about may be completely aware that the followers that are buying are empty; it may not matter.
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