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"This is just as bad as companies forcing me to 'like' something on Facebook before I can view whatever it is they want me to 'like.'” - +Wil Wheaton
Google+ification is the term I’ve been using for several months about how Google has been shoving Google+ into all things Google. It’s part of Google’s “social layer” strategy. It’s also something one...
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May be google is slowly merging youtube into the google brand name. I also wonder if ppl complained this much changing from myspace to facebook/twitter. Very petty problems.
Good point +Hans Huether. Google is currently testing this 'feature' for < 1% of all users. I couldn't reproduce this. I do like the maybe coming change, but I can understand not everyone does.

Also, for Google's point of view it's logical to merge everything together to get a more powerful experience etc.
+Bas van der Veeken I have been a survey tester for Google so it is often they have ppl signed up for seeing the changes on just their accounts. I don't know if the youtube team is the same.

Review markings in a whole are getting me annoyed over every platform since you have to start from scratch on all of them. Thumbs on +YouTube Like on #facebook, +1 on +Google+ Stars on +Netflix Tomatoes on #flixter, Thumbs on +Pandora, Stars on +Hulu Plus, and some childhood celebrity is going to pick on G+ on Youtube? I am running out of clicks in my mouse with all these things that over half of them could be condensed together.
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