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Would you pay $2 to highlight a post on Facebook?
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I wonder how many ppl that read this discontinued their Facebook like me. :)
Sure, why not? If you can highlight your post by circles...I mean by makes sense. Most marketers will immediately think marketing messages. But many people still use Facebook for personal reasons, like sharing announcements and events to their friends.
It's just a promoted ad like in Twitter or Google search results. But I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, not to network.
So: No
Probably not many +Hans Huether . Facebook is in the league of being a utility now and most people don't want to throw out such communications with their friends.
+Donald Sinatra yup. That is the main thing I hear. I am a detached person so G+ was easy to come to. :) FB was way too many ppl worried about number of friends and farm crops.
No definitely not.... $2 is too much to spend on a FREE social media site
+Console Hollawell Facebook isn't "free." It's free to use. But if you want to promote something on this network that they maintain, then it's reasonable to expect them to want to monetize that investment in infrastructure. If you are using Facebook to make a profit, it's not surprising that Facebook wants you to contribute back to the system.
Why would anyone pay $2 to post on Facebook when they can do it for free here on Google+.
+Reuben Tan - It would seem that if you want to reach your established audience on Facebook, then you'd post on Facebook. I dont mean that to sound snarky, it is just the only way to say it.
I think that it could be a foolish decision.
I remember when people thought Search Engine Marketing on Google was a foolish decision. Worked out okay.
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