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I do hate articles such as "10 Secret Ways To Search Google For Information That 90% Of People Don't Know About" at

Of the 10 tips, only numbers 8-10 are fully correct. The other 7 are either completely wrong or half wrong. Better to go to an official guide (that will be kept up to date) such as

We've posted full details on each of the 10 - what work, what almost work and what don't work plus a couple of others on our Facebook pages at

(We also offer search training in all aspects of online search - whether for marketing & competitive intelligence, people, due diligence or just curiosity - see

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Why do people buy milkshakes?

Clayon Christensen has expanded innovation theory to look at what jobs need to be done - using MacDonald's milkshakes and their wish to increase sales as an example.

Companies get it wrong. They think customers are buying a product because they like the company or need that particular product. In fact, customers purchase to fulfil a need. They will buy the item that best fulfils that need. Understanding the need can mean increased sales. That's a reason why industries get disrupted: somebody comes along with a better solution to the need.

Identify the need, find a solution to it & succeed.
#Strategy #CI #Innovation #Disruption

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Stalkscan is a tool that lets you search all the public (or connected) info for any Facebook id #OSINT #CI

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“To thrive in rapidly changing economies in regions such as Asia and Africa, multinationals need to take new approaches to gathering and using market intelligence."

Multinationals have invested huge sums in emerging markets Returns however, have sometimes been disappointing. A frequently mentioned reason for underperformance in emerging markets is that these markets are different, and that multinationals need to adapt their products and operations.

We are leading a half-day workshop at the Institute of Competitive Intelligence's conference (9 May 2017 in Amsterdam) on gathering intelligence on foreign markets & competitors. #strategy #CI

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The Real Lessons From Kodak’s Decline

A great description that puts paid to claims that Kodak lost its way by failing to recognise the threat of digital photography. The article gives other reasons e.g. problems in reducing manufacturing volumes as market declines and issues relating to moving into new markets.

Unfortunately the article, by a senior Kodak manager, still fails to explore adequately what I believe is the key reason (although does mention this i.e. the conflict between competing on markets or capabilities. Essentially this is the difference between "What do we do?" and "What do we do well?" as I discuss here:

#Strategy #CI

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“Tek found a buried link to the old FTP server. He clicked and started downloading.”

There is a real concern that following President Trump's initiatives, climate change and Earth Science data will be deleted - to be lost forever if not saved first. Groups of coding experts have started to download the data and pass it to servers outside the USA. The problem is not just the quantity of data. Sometimes it is password protected and so legally cannot be accessed. In some cases, competent searchers have managed to find backdoors into such datasets that fortunately exist, but probably shouldn't, showing why #OSINT skills are also essential for this sort of work.

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How to spot a fake news story

Spotting fake news stories is a key skill for the intelligence professional. Knowing what to believe and what to discard is all part of the daily job for CI / MI experts. Failing to identify fake news, misinformation or disinformation can make the difference as using false data in strategic and tactical decision making can lead to business failure.


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The problem of #FakeNews isn't going away. With new voice/facial manipulation technology threatens to get worse.

Fake News influenced the 2016 US Presidential Election. It's now recognised as a problem, impacting not just political elections but also corporate reputations and more. A news item about a pizzeria employing children is just one example of how fake news impacts belief systems.

Even though it is now seen as something that needs stopping - with Facebook, Google, et al looking at ways of removing it from news feeds, it's unlikely to be stopped. New technologies that enable voice and facial manipulation are likely to make detecting fake news much harder.

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Fake News has become an informational bête noire following the false news stories published during the 2016 US elections, aiming to influence voters intentions. Fake news also damages companies when a news story leaks out that's shown as false. Pepsi's experience, following an untrue news story claiming to quote Pepsi's CEO against Donald Trump is an example. The fake news item led to a boycott of Pepsi and its products leading to a share price fall.

Identifying such stories quickly is key for reputation management. It's also important in strategic and competitive intelligence too - as a false story can lead to a poor decision based on the fake news.

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Artificial Intelligence promises to change how we do business and arrange our lives. Already, AI products are influencing choices - SIRI on the Apple iPhone is one early example. Yet although well established businesses show heavy investment in AI (IBM Watson, Google, Microsoft are all involved) there's still lots of room for start-ups. Currently there are AI start-ups in 33 US States - as one example of how this technology is not just catching the imagination but promises to radically transform the way we do things. And this is just the USA. Looking globally, there is significant activity in AI in Israel, the UK and a number of other countries.
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