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Radio-show style broadcast of one of my favorite flash fiction "They're Made Out of Meat" which was also turned into a brilliant opera (yes, I said opera - you have to give it a listen!)
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The song version is also pretty awesome - and not just because I know the woman who wrote it. If you'd like, I think I've got an MP3 somewhere.
+Alex Borders There is a song version in addition to the opera? I'd be interested in giving it a listen. I was introduced to the operatic version from a review on Starship Sofa ( and had been looking for the short story in audio format for some time when I came across the link I shared. By the way, if you haven't already heard of them, you really should check out Starship Sofa...
Will do. If you want to search for it, the song title is 'Meat' - author 'Kathleen Sloan' and the album title is 'Mind the Stopgap' (The album artist is 'Dr. Snark').

If you can't find it online (which is entirely likely), I can give you a listen next time I see you.
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