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Lytro certainly isn't very G+ friendly!

A cactus photo from today's fieldwork.
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uuuh, sorry just clicked on the link. How do you like it?
I got my Lytro last month but unfortunately I was out of the country. Just started playing with it over the past couple of weeks.

The Lytro is a neat camera but it has some design flaws:
• The screen is almost impossible to see in daylight.
• The lens cap is magnetic and has a cool way of snapping onto the lens. Unfortunately, it falls off easily. Try finding a replacement Lytro lens cover…
• The software interface is extremely restrictive. Right now you have to use a Mac and the photos must reside on their server if you want to share them.

On the upside, it forces you to think about your photos differently and how people may interact with them.

I see this camera as being an initial hit and then a flop because the average point and shot buyer isn’t going to get the full effect. The technology on the other hand has enormous potential and I expect it to be licensed like crazy. It may also have some unexpected uses once it is hacked.
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