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This is driving me absolutely crazy. Anyone have any idea why the font color of my clock and the "unlock" text changed from white to black when I switched wallpapers? I change backgrounds all the time and have even used this same one before, never happened. Seems very glitchy because randomly, the clock will change back to white again, but doesn't stay that way. 

Can anybody verify if they've had a scheduled tweet which includes a pic actually post? 

Edit: Ok, never mind. It did in fact work, however the reason I didn't think so is because it posted to an account I wasn't expecting it to. I hope this was user error, but I was trying to be very certain I was in the correct account. 

I keep checking the ongoing development of this app, highly impressed with the improvements to an already solid twitter client. Quick question on a feature in case I'm missing it, are we able to group together fave tweet notifications? 

Just wanted to mention a couple things. First, what's awesome is that shared Instagram posts display the actual image when viewing within Flamingo (not just a link like official twitter).

Now a few things I noticed that wasn't as good as official twitter... If you tweet something with multiple pics attached,within Flamingo it only displays one image in the preview giving no indication there are multiple photos.

And when mentioning an account, user suggestions do not automatically populate if you put a period before the @ symbol.

Just wanted to point a few things out. But keep up the great work!

Ok, may just be missing the obvious, but is there a way to subscribe or unsubscribe from a subreddit within the app? 

Just noticed today that when I have powered the device off and then back on, WiFi is turned off. (I keep it enabled all the time).

Anyone else have this? 

I believe I just purchased the pro version by "getting rid of ads" in the free version, now could someone please tell me how I go about setting the option for hiding spoilers? 

Does anyone know how to designate a screen as your homescreen? Does it always have to be the screen to the far left? For example, I would like my home screen to be in the middle, flanked by two pages to the left and two to the right.

This has been an option on almost every phone I've had (most recently the Moto X 1st gen). I just can't believe this doesn't seem possible on the #DroidTurbo. 

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