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Classic Who  - 
Some of my newer additions. If you had to pick one to watch right now, what would it be? 
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The Tenth Planet
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Mark Whiteley

Classic Who  - 
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Great idea. I'm looking forward to it.
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Mark Whiteley

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Good for him - well done. Love that big smile he has ☺
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Mark Whiteley

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So the boy decided he couldn't wait for the cake to be finished and took a bite. Don't blame him really, looks yummy! 
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+Sam Colston Magic....
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Arsehole! +Bruce Stokes
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Mark Whiteley

Classic Who  - 
7 Doctors. 26 Fantastic Seasons. If you had to pick a favourite season (Season NOT Doctor), which would it be?

I'd have a tough choice between 7, 12 and 26. But I'd have to go with 26 as I was 9 years old when it was broadcast and the nostalgia these stories bring me is priceless. 
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Katie C
+Mik Furie I knew I saw that episode!
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Re-purchased this all time classic today. A must see for anyone who is anyone. #TrueWhoClassic 
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+Kory Wnuk
is the coming of age Ace story. Now if only Ace will open up her pocket watch and get her Time Lady Memories back.
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Mark Whiteley

Art, GIFs, Media  - 
My Boy got in Doctor Who Adventures Magazine latest issue! So Proud!

+George AW +The Blue Box Podcast +Mark Cockram
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Lucky kid! :D
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How would you define the music of Nirvana?

With a twist of lemon!:
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Mark Whiteley

Classic Who  - 
A few weeks in I continue to drag myself through Trial of a time lord. I'm enjoying every second of Baker, but as a whole story.... I'm struggling!! 
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I know what you mean, I love Colin Baker as the Doctor, but this story was like "uuuuuhhhhhhhh..... (facepalm)". And then I said, "I waited 18 months plus time for syndication (VHS copy of a copy of a copy, etc. - Summer 1987) for this? Aw shucks." ;-)
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I overslept because my bed was so comfortable. Which means I'm going to be late for everything today. I don't know whether that's a one star or a five star....
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As a training venue, this place could be better. Not enough milk on the coffee breaks, only a Costa coffee for snacks, alarms constantly going off.
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Best in the area. Yum!
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