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Mark Warner
Primary teacher... with an addiction to making websites + resources for teachers
Primary teacher... with an addiction to making websites + resources for teachers


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HUGE thanks to +Mat Bennett, +Maria Halliday and everyone at +OKO Digital for their amazing work on the new version of our Teaching Ideas site. 

The new site is now live at

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Getting very excited about the upcoming redesign of our Teaching Ideas site!

Read more about the changes at

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Just to follow up on a preview post, information from a page on my site appears in a Google knowledge box directly on their search results page.

Pageviews for that page are 52% higher than the same period in the previous year. Not sure if that's directly attributable to the knowledge box, but it's definitely beating the trend on my site overall at the moment... +Malcolm Oakley 

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As a teacher I used regularly with the children in my classes and ICT clubs. Over the past few days, I've been experimenting with it as a way of promoting my content online...

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Can't seem to get a great deal of interaction on our site's Google+ page but really pleased that our Facebook page has just reached two million Likes!

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Interesting to see that Google are now taking my content and displaying it directly on their search results page.

Is this likely to be good for traffic to my site or will people just get information from the card and not bother clicking the link?

An interesting day... 

All of my sites (on two different hosting accounts) went offline today:

+Tsohost - Responded to my initial support request within five minutes and the site was back online four minutes after that.
+1&1 Internet, Inc. - Responded to my request after one hour and the sites came back online another two hours after that.

After 8 years with 1and1 (and increasing frequency of downtime), I think it might be time to leave them.

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Our Christmas Lego display is finally complete!

Our little boy has loved playing with (and helping to build) this over the past few weeks... He won't be the only one who is sad to pack it all away after Christmas!
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Me and my boy...
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I don't use Google+ much, but I'm feeling very glad that I signed up and discovered +Mat Bennett and +OKO Digital here.

Very excited about the future of +Teaching Ideas!
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