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I'm not surprised at all that 81% of Latinos view Donald Trump negatively.  What surprises me is that 13% like him, and 4% don't know.  Okay, maybe 4% are too busy with their personal lives to care about politics.  But 13% view him favorably?  How does that happen?

How do I search for a topic that I commented in, but didn't create?

I've just got back into G+ after an absence of ... months? years? .... and the interface is different and I'm lost.

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In case you missed it, our New Horizons spacecraft "phoned home" around 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday, indicating that it had successfully completed its historic flyby of Pluto earlier in the day. Today, more ‪#‎PlutoFlyby‬ images of surface close-ups whave ten times the resolution of what we saw yesterday, with details as small as New York's Central Park. Stay tuned!

Between Vice President Biden and his massive motorcade shuttling over to visit Bill Gates, and an emergency expansion joint repair on I-5, Seattle's traffic today is truly fucked.

I just realized that Lester Nygard on the Fargo TV series is Bilbo Baggins.

Every so often, I will watch traditional TV news, usually the "Nightly News with Brian Williams."  It usually cures me of the desire to watch TV news when I do this, and go back to just reading BBC, PBS, and other sources on the internet.

This time, I'm struck by the completely absurd spectacle of Chuck Tood, the "Senior White House Correspondent" reporting on the President's schedule to draw down troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.  He's out in the pouring rain, on the White House Lawn, because ... news, I guess.  It's silly.  He could have done his story from a studio, from any city in the world.  He could have Skyped in.  There's no reason to go to the White House Lawn to report on this story.

Network news is idiotic.

This post left intentionally blank.

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This past Saturday I had friends over for the bi-weekly Pathfinder game.  Thought I'd take a photo of the game table and show it.  Also, I wrote a very simple script to act as an initiative tracker for the game in Google Docs.  

I've got a PC with a monitor set up, with the Google Spreadsheet open.  From my laptop at the table, I'm in the same spreadsheet, typing in initiative rolls, and hitting a button that calls the script and automatically sorts the list of good guys and bad guys by initiative number.

It also has a counter to help us remember when certain effects end, and what round it is.

The monitor is across the room, but the font is big enough that the GM can see it.  It's actually behind me, so I can't see it, but I can see the small version on my little laptop.

The light images are buttons that activate either the sorting script, or a script that increments counters.  The dark images are buttons that reset everything to defaults.

I had originally planned to run the thing from a tablet, which is why I made the buttons so big, but Google Doc's Android interface sucks, so I use my laptop instead.
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I'm shocked.  SHOCKED! to learn that the "I'm shocked. SHOCKED!" meme that's so common on the internet today was uttered by Claude Raines (The Vichy French Prefect in the movie Casablanca) when his character ordered the closure of "Rick's Cafe Americain".  When Rick (Humphrey Bogart) asked him why he was ordering the cafe shut down, Raines delivered the sarcastic line, "I'm shocked.  SHOCKED! to learn that there is gambling going on here"  right before someone hands him his winnings for the night.  The movie aired in 1942.

Dear asshole(s),

Your bike started up just fine.  There's no need to rev the fucking engine twelve times to make sure.

Your passive-aggressive friend,
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