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Ted is in theaters today!
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If TED needs a PAL, check out my FOXY squirrely (Rocky ChestnuTEE),
Google really need to build in a -1 button for this.
Wow Darren grow a sense of humor..
I watched TED... I'll never be the same... 
Really +Jason Pope I thought it was rather funny. Guess you should grow my sense of humour.
I would go see it but I have a fear of talking toys, so while others will find the movie comical I will find it horrifying. 
Ted: Life ain't nothin' but bitches and honey.

Marvin: Life's a bitch and then Ted farted.
Can't wait! If you have PART II, hope u consider my partner (ROCKY) A REAL NUTCRACKER)
Stopping off at the theater after work, can't effin wait!
This film looks awesome. Can't wait to see it
I love u mark u are a great actor
looking forward to seeing this
We will watch it on Sunday after we drop off our son :) so EXCITED!
I wanna be ted the teddy bear's friend. He is funny
great, good for you.. that means you will get paid (if you haven't already) millions of dollars. Have fun with that..
So sorry you felt the need to stoop to this.
In the previews it looks funny. :)
I wonder if we could get Ted's paw-a-graph. LOL:)
Looks like a really funny movie..I'm going to go watch it after work .
+Mark Wahlberg Do you know where I can get the Ted stuffed animal Seth McFarland gave Jon Stewart on the Daily Show a couple of nights ago? My wife wants one. 
I know who is my "Ted" ah ha ha haha Marky Mark!!!
This is easily one of my favorite movies. :D SOooooo funnny!
I love the red band trailer, can't wait to watch the movie!
I need 2 go see this movie I need  a good laugh!
i really want to see this movie too looks funny 
Hey is there a movie theatre close to area code 76111? I will have to take a taxi cab to go see this one. I'm still stuck in Ft Worth, TX getting my truck worked on : /
me too i really want to see ted
He is my super hero man! I can't wait see the movie
This looks like is going to be a funny movie.
Jay B
I'm going to have to go and see this. The commercials are too funny.
Saw it at midnight. Theater had sold out and to add 2 more showings! Hilariously funny!!
Ahhhhh I cannot wait to see that movie!!!!!!!!!!
Yay! oh, too bad hasn't arrived in japan yet :(
It was a great movie!!!  Seth teaming up with Mark was an awesome collaboration!!   
Can't wait to see it! Going tomorrow!
Proud of you. We met at the belage years ago look you've become 
This was really a good movie.  The theater was full down to the front seats.  Good laughs.  I had a great time.  Time to settle down and turn it into a franchise..
i just have to see this. i havent yet but it looks hilarias
Acting and pranks are funny. Language and innuendo are low brow. 
Yea lets all Party with ted an Mark, all shots are on the House.
going ;tomorrow to see it with our cousins!
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