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Breakfast of champions. Have you seen Ted yet?
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yes I have seen Ted, he is very strange. Hope the likes of Ted merely exist in 'reel life' not in 'real life'.
Three times and counting!  Hilarious... A.. E.. I.. O.. U!!!!
+Mark Wahlberg I love any move you're in, to be honest. But, this one was HILARIOUS. I wanted to go to go out and buy my own Ted, LOL. Loved it. 
it comes in my country's theaters in about 3 more months :(
sorry to hear that Ivano Forgione... don't you have at least 'piracy' copies floating around.. a must see
no. but a buddy of mine said it sucked. so i'll wait and rent it on iTunes. and Contraband was pretty bad, glad it was a rental. and The Happening really sucked. and its a good thing you had
Christian Charles Philip Bale in The Fighter to carry your sucky acting ass .. shall I go on?

soooo looking forward to seeing this in the UK!!! 
10th of August it premieres in Norway.. gonna give it a go then!
Mediocre at best. The first half was funny with a lot of stuff that we can laugh about again later. The last one-fourth was a lame attempt to pretend there was kind of a plot to the movie. 
i wish im goin to see it though cant wait
Some of you took it way to serious, the movie was hilarious
Hilarious ??? not something you would want your kids to think about
no i'm not aloud to yet :( but it looks really awesome
+Mark Wahlberg I saw it last week. Fucking funny ass movie. Made me cry a few times from laughing so damn hard!
@ tt flamea.. yep that is exactly what went down in that movie.. creative isn't it?
Yes and its mega cool that Alex Borsteine is Mark's mom ; )
Couldn't stop laughing. Great movie!
Best movie of the decade!
My wife and I saw it a few nights ago with a packed out movie theatre, had a great laugh! :)
Went to see Ted yesterday. This has got to be one of the funniest movies of the year! Love it Mark!!!
This man is Hmmmmmm need I say more
Not yet Boston Boy...Finishing editing my book and photo books and then I will see Ted when I can breathe.But it looks interesting...What inspired you to take on this role Mark?Best wishes:James 
oh what a naughty bear! great movie!!
Cant believe II haven't seen this yet, Alright Im on my way now. BRB
now they are going to start selling a "ted" look-alike
If they do Angel, I hope the look-a-like can rip a bong as hard as the original hahaha
+Breanna Lakin lol... that would be hilarious, and they would get away with it too... the cops would come not believing a teddy bear is smoking. lol
omg lovin it... wanna c the movie
This weekend! Can't wait!
finally saw it yesterday! after being out for two weeks the theater was still packed. great movie, you won't stop laughing!!!!
My wife and I enjoy all your movies. Taking her to see Ted tonight, after 27 years together we still enjoy date night.
moni lo
going this weekend!I just know its gona be good!!!
i really want to see it looks funny
OMG. Just saw this last night... LMAO!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Thanks.
im nine and my dad has it on blackmarket and i loved it was sad but funny
I cant wait to see this!
Not yet but I DEFINITELY cannot wait to see it. I love you as an actor Mark. You're talented. 
Can't wait to see it,your talent is amazing
If this come to my country ... I will never miss it ... I like him when he's acting
omg Ted is so amazing. German cinemas are overfilled. Great!!!
Tomorrow I'll go watch the movie at least hoping dramatic than with Mel Gibson in the film The Beaver )))
I already saw it before it even came out BC my mom gets her CDs from her cousin
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