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Here's the new trailer for Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg, from +Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.
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It is hilarious when you are listing all those names.
ahhhhh I want to see this movie ♥, ..... Mark you´re my teddy bear !!!!!!!!!!
Hilarious, man I thought I was stuck in the 70s until I saw this one. Very cool, Benjamin
It's on the broader of very funny and to sick
MURRAY ...YEAH!!!!! ...Good luck everybody!!!
So . . . Peter Griffin is a teddy bear now?
We cannot wait to see this.. omg.. trailer park names.. classic trash fail..
Like a less offensive "Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles".
This certainly takes Wilfred to the next level.
another movie to look forward to this summer :)
@Megan Sullivan it says rated R at the beginning of the clip
Loved the song and can't wait to see the movie
lmao that movie looks really funny!!!
Looks good, say hi to your motha' for me.
Hi Mark ! I liked your performance in "THE FIGHTER".
Comes out the day before my birthday. I'm so stoked!
Seth McFarlane is funny but seriously dude, you're running out of unique voices for characters.
He had already run out with a few Family Guy members...
All I know is that after watching this trailer, I watched a 4 min Condom Tour video. Go Trojan! (4 min of "WTF am I watching?" and "WHY am I watching this?")
mark whalburg wont talk to u hes a busy man
So.... the reason why we're talking about him is because we are all lazy?
Lol this is a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its sow fanny!!!!!!!!!1
I'll just assume Mark is referring to himself in 3rd person. Trailer looks good.
Tammy Lynn


I lost it at that part.
OMG I laughed through the whole TED trailer, funny stuff! cant wait to see that movie !!!!
Mark is still turning out some great stuff, but brother Donnie is quickly catching up. I thought it was great that he jumped back on board the boy band for a holiday tour while in the midst of filming a very successful TV series. Go Wahlbergs...
Anything with the comedic genius of Seth MacFarlane---count me in!
and WHY oh my,, is the trailer prohibited in EU ? or even outside the US for the ppl without a US-driver license ? darn "restricted" and still show it too all with youtube and now G+ ?
It was pretty hard to learn by heart all these names! respect Mark!
i like this video very much becz of that tedy
That is some seriously fucked up shit that insults my intelligence and offends every hair on my body.

(ordering advance tickets right now)
+Mark Wahlberg how many times did you have to shoot the names? Super impressive! Looks like a great movie.
Looks like a similar concept to Wilfred. Only much less subtle.
Send me a screener, I won't share it I swear :D. But seriously, it looks great. 
Look like its going to be awesome.
I can't wait to see that movie!!!!! Its so f@#king funny!!!!
I nearly spit out my water when they started singing the song.
That rocks. Great little preview to bring out a smile this morning.
I would not be surprise if this movie is #1 in the box office......
Looks pretty damn funny. I love red band trailers.
looks like its been done and it wasnt funny the first time.
Anything Seth touches is crap. He had one hit at one time (Family Guy) that was cancelled for good reason, but like Peter, sheeple are too stupid to see it. I still can't believe their letting him redo the Flintstones.

Oh, @ everyone else: This isn't +Mark Wahlberg, it is a PR firm hired to post stuff. Don't follow them. Follow +Jeri Ryan or +Wil Wheaton for a celeb that is real and interacts.

Don't follow anyone that hires a PR firm to post for them, and if you follow someone who posts lots of "sale" links, they make money off of you.
heard the suggle bear got raped on robot chicken so funny
Oops. Saw Teddy. Watched with kids. Now kids are swearing. Hey ho. 
Mark W
soooooooo funny
Sounds like Peter if u listen closely
It look like it's going to be an amazing movie! Since American Pie that I don't laugh so hard watching just the trailer! Can't wait to watch it!
Thunder song was Hilarious
this is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!!! I am SO gonna watch this film, in the cinema if we are that lucky in VENEZUELA !
Mark, that is one potty-mouthed bear!

Fuck yeah love it, the hell with the theatre's just buy the damn dvd.

Soooo that's where that bear humping the scanner came from, and fucking funny as hell too. lmfaoooooooo


Puxa que bacana......pena que não sei falar tua língua rssrsr mais é lindo teus videos abraço amigo!!!!!!!!!! 
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