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I want to give the best fans in the world 2 tickets to the Ted premiere. Enter here and support a great foundation:
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This movie looks ridiculous funny! can't wait to see...
lol looks like fun i would love to hang out with a bear and drink jk lol
It does look good, I had my doubts but the trailer sold me (suppose that is the point of a trailer :D)
Love this movie and like everyone else, can't wait fo rit to come out.
Mark, I can trust you if I bought some tickets right? You aren't going to steal my info right?!
me and my hubby thought it was also April Fool's joke lol...
i wanna hug the fucking fuck out of that fucking fucker of a fucking bear animal thing!!!!!!! Fuck yeah!!! (overusing the word fuck like a boss!)
My girlfriend & I were extras in the concert scene! We're both so excited for this movie.
awesome!!!!!! im a trollin in my troller. pffffffffft!!!!!
yea. so ur a guy since it says "chico"
no thatz just my last name i got my last name frm my dad
thats is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooool.
hahha yeah it is i guess hahaha
nothing sitting in class but im going home right now so ill talk 2 u tomarrow or later kay bye
mark wahlberg visited my school everyone was so excited and he signed my friend's hat.
Hahah i want to see it soo bad
Thank you for making movies during this epic depresso.
but if he's there...then who is doing the laundry?
cant wait to see this movie. wheres my fucken ring lol
Gonna watch this when it comes out! lol
best company, impossible. cute!! :)
I own a magazine and i would love the opportunity to inform my readers about your foundation. 
Its been a looong time commin,.... Official... First time "BrooMance..!" Brewing ... "With This Guy  <---"  --->   -  Js'''n   -   ;
Vero A.
thats so funny lml
Rosa S
Is that the snuggle bear? 
Hello ! who need visit Thailand pls take a bear to me also 555 
Hello!who need  visit thailand pls take a bear to  me also 555555
LMFAO nice the bears holding a beer awesome pic Mark
li Gen
搞笑的玩具熊,什么时候 国内能上映,一定要去看
i have not seen the but i gonna and i think it is going to be very funny
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