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What's your favorite Mark Wahlberg character?
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Oli F.
Bobby Lee swagger
Tommy Corn in 2004's I Heart Huckabees
Bob Lee in the Shooter...
Ali NF
I am sick of being a disappointment.... :)
David MCcall, Melvin Smiley
The character from Fear.He was nuts in that movie.
No character but the entire show Entourage. That show rocks.
all of them plus he is good to look at lol!!!
I have never been disappointed with any of them so far.. I actually have watched some movies only because you were in it. My wife, I think she only likes to watch them with me so she has a smile when she is sleeping...
Markie Mark the underwear model!!!!
Joker from The Dark Knight (trollface.jpg)
Honestly though Dirk Diggler. They need to make a fan edit of Boogie Nights that ends at the peak just before the 1980 New Years.
I know that that was not Wahlberg's actual junk in "Boogie Nights."
Love them all. It's a shame that we don't see him that much. He's the king of actor that make you love is character. Just luv is work.
kill joseff kony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just finished watching Departed (like, for the 10th time :)). Dignam is an interesting one.
MELVIN SMILEY, Mickey Ward, Dingham, Dirk Diggler/Eddie Adams, Charlie Croker, Vince Papale, Troy Barlow, Bobby Mercer, Bob Lee Swagger, Chris Farraday, Terry Hoitz.
THE OTHER GUYS- Im a peacock, Captain! You gotta let me fly!
or Four brothers- pretty sexy in that one
Mikki Q
Chirs Izzy - i find him very attractive in Rock Star :)
The Italian job
four brothers or fighter for sure
Tommy Corn :) Thank you for playing that part.
How tough to decide, he's such an outstanding actor, it's hard to differentiate! I loved him in "Fear" & also "Shooter" ... "I Heart Huckabees " probably takes the cake, though, due to it's bizarre factor...! I love you, Mark Wahlberg!!!
Italian Job and Dirk Diggler my friend....
"Bob Lee Swagger" (The Shooter) is my favorite character of Mark Wahlberg.
Swagger is my current favorite, but I have yet to see Contraband. I foresee a new favorite in the coming weeks.
My favorite has to be Charlie in the Italian Job but I love everything I've seen Mark in. ;D
you always looks great in all your photos ...
Literally Marky Mark is my fav no matter what he plays in. Fav!
The Italian Job was amazing!!*but the question here is fav. character, and the Four Brothers. I liked his character in that it is such a tough question for someone who always brings it to the table, unshaken by anything. BRAVO***
ODD____crossed out??? Very Big Brother watching like on FB?!!!!!
"Let me the F*** House" FEAR best film Love Music Productions
Staff Sergeant Dignam from The Departed, Hands down.
he's so sexy! and i agree with Reid!! Love Mark!
Your Character in FEAR down right scary and HOT!!!!!
My favorite is prolly Micky in The Fighter!!!!!!! I luv that movie!!!!!!! It made me wanna go box for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Either swaggert in shooter or terry in the other guys
One of my favorite movies of all times was FEAR . but i love all movies you are in . But Fear was my fav.:)
Bobby Shatford hands down, but I'm a Gloucester boy born and raised so I'm a little bias. When you comming to visit Mark, we can hit up Pratty's or the Crow's nest!!!!!
Scott A
Hey Mark, Please let me work on your next film, I'm an Effx man. K?
Scott A
Please, please, sorry I'm begin but Im' getting poorer by the minute!!! and it sucks
Charlie Croker - italian job , Bob Lee Swagger - shooter , and Max Payne
Vince from Invincible and Charlie Croker from The Italian Job ;)
I preffer Bobby Lee Swaguer from Shooter. But I like Stg. Dignam from The Departed too. However, I wanna watch Contraband. It opens tomorrow in Spain. Then I'll tell you if I like me or not. :)
Charlie Haas (sp) on Italian Job and also on The Other Guys( Hilarious)
U as urself on Entourage. U plan on makin any more seasons? I love that show!
4 way tie definitely. Mickey in the Basketball Diaries, Dignam, Jack Salmon and Charlie Croker. Amazing as all of them and in different ways.
Love Him In Four Brother ! Love him in the movie he was a bad ass playin that role<3 !
I fucking hate it when douche bag celebs pay some idiot to do social media for them. If Walhberg was really posting this shit he would say 'which one of my movies did you like the best'?
Bob Lee Swagger in Shooter, I watch this movie have several times.
Mark Wahlberg taking his children to watch him have tattoos removed.
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