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"That was my time to be the really bad guy in the movie." - Mark on playing David McCall in Fear.

What's your favorite scene?
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To me you'll always be Melvin Smiley. Everything he did was awesome! Blow more stuff up man!
u were already so hot in that movie...:)
I LOVE that is one of my favorite films ever!!
i don't watch that film but i see he's so handsome!
I have watched that film .
I seen that film& Mark Wahlberg was quiet great,Always,Lori H-Smith
21st. April 2012
mark just gets better and better...
Mark I have to watch your latest movie Contraband.2012. And I believe that you must have an amazing role in this movie... A Great actor with Great heart. I appreciate your acting style really I am...
Haven't seen it :( - looks like something I should have seen - just the look on the face... Oh, I'm behind... Never enough time! Ay...
Can not wait to see contraband, Hate I missed it at the theaters! But will watch at home!! :)
4 brothers was the best thing other than saw :) i love saw iam a huge saw fan!!!!! to bad they stopped it oh well
ulike u Meliha, i dont hide what i look like.
+jaylove Sobotie ulike u Meliha? - :) I'm new to g+ so if this is some funky language, not fair you use it on me :) I don't get it :)
Oh, I get that, but don't share the opinion... Many things are fair; come on... Must be more positive! :)
Are extremes, like 'negative, negative' ever objective? :)
I saw that film, very evil roll Mark played, and did it very well. I enjoyed him in oceans films and Italian job better. But that's my opinion. Great actor I really enjoy his films.
Honestly favorite scene...the whole movie did me in !!! you rocked my friend.. psychotically correct...obessesed and relentless...
White Sox' Phil Humber just threw a perfect game against the Mariners.
Merliha, do forgive me if i was sarcastic my team Bacelona lost today and i was feelin kinda bad.U seem like a witty person and i like that. Lets chat somemore sometime and share ideas. I d love that.
I d like 2 see what u look like, Do hope ur not a guy, that would be wierd.
Favorite quote or moment? "let me in the fuckin house! "
Dude, you did a great job in that movie! You actually made me hate your character.
The rollercoaster has to be!
Awesome movie! My favorite scene would have to be when David chases Gary in the woods and catches him. Intense!
my fav scene in fear one of them is here mark walberg pounds on his chest so it will a leave a bruise
and the part here he say let me in I asked nicely
I'am glad to see how fare you have come in your life .
Love ya in that football movie still dogg
LOVE this movie... favorite scene...roller coaster
I liked him featured on TMZ last night, walking the nun across the street!! Why I said before, "Tough & Soft, is the best men!" :)
When I saw this movie, I knew that I really liked you alot! Your character was scary but that is what made me so attracted! I so love your character in Four Brothers too.. You are So Bobby Mercer. Keep the movies coming!
Mark, you were brilliant in that role! You really creeped me out. Have a great week. Blessings, Terry :-)
!!Qué pena se está haciendo viejito!!
!!Cómo yo!! Con lo guapo que está en la foto.
the movie where you and reese got together fear i guess was it maybe where you got thrown out the window at the end. good flick. one of your best i just remembered the one where you were taking the liquid to kick a.
oh so hot ,i cant find a flaw no matter what role you play ,you sure in hell have my full attention,not easy i,am a gemini,w/adhd you are the best example of the hieghts we can reach we make obstacles opportunites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you j
My favorite part was the door scene......where you say "Open the door and let me the bleep in!!! I love that movie!!
Omfg you were a real jurk in that movie but, you so made the movie therefore I love it but, owning it is next to impossible since it's a real hard dvd to find out here.

My fave part is when you're at the door and her father is looking at you through the peep hole and you freak out.

Sweet movie and still hot, don't let your heart grow old Mark!

my favorite part is when he recognized her for the first time at the pool hall. (: he looked to good! (:
Mark, you were brilliant and scary at the same time my friend. Blessings, Terry :-D
Every time I hear the song Wild Horses I remember the movie. :)
I don't have a favorite scene I love the hole thing
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