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Sadly it seems my iPhone 4 (that went swimming with me over a month ago) has finally died. I had dried it out and resuscitated it... and later replaced the battery, the screen, and the dock connector to avoid annoying issues. The wifi hasn't worked since the accident and the headphone jack died last week, but I still basically had a working iPhone 4 until just now. The screen is black now, though, and it's unresponsive. It's sad to see it go, especially after putting so much time (and money) into repairs - and especially after being proud of keeping it alive.

It's plugged into a charger right now "just in case" but it looks like I'll have to reactivate my old 3GS with AT&T - and consider when or if I'll spend too much money on an early upgrade to a 4S.

The worst part? Nearly 100 photos from the past weekend (including a pumpkin patch trip with the boys) are now unretrievable. I wonder if the phone and I will get out of this one...
About 2 weeks ago, my iPhone 4 went swimming with me. It died. The bag of rice trick got it brought it back to the point where I got an Apple logo and an…
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Thanks, +Lore EFL... comments that put things in perspective are always appreciated, especially when it comes to first world problems. ;)
You should get the new Galaxy Nexus - auto syncs all photos you take to picasa (and G+!) :)
+1'ing Dana on that one. 1 more month with the OG Droid...
Sorry to hear that, Mark. You made a valiant effort.
Didn't your first iPhone go swimming also?
Aw man, that was a slow, slow death. At least she's out of her misery. You going for the 4s?
Verizon has the iPhone for $99
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