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Whoa! redirects to photo albums in Google+. Didn't do that last night. Exploring.. #gafesummit #gct #appsct #googlect
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Wow.  Not sure I like that very much. Suppose that we just have to get used to that.
Yah, I noticed that redirects to G+.  You can, however tell it to stay in Picasaweb format rather than G+.  I've switched it back to Picasaweb.
Very good. It's about time. Picasa should be shut down by now. Drive will begin to do all that anyway. 
+Mark Wagner - good question! I was trying to switch back and forth but couldn't figure it out. I'm stuck in Picasa mode right now. I needed that mode to rotate an image. It looks like the G+ view doesn't have any image editing tools. At least it didn't have them a few days ago when I noticed it.
+Mark Wagner +Darren Yung When you're redirected the first time to Google+ Albums there is a yellow info banner at the top of the page with a link you can click to take you back to Picasa Web Albums. If you don't see it, you may need to clear your cookies and/or cache.
Thanks +Kyle Smith - I saw it last night and noted the "noredirect" in the URL. I think I can go back and forth with that. :)
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