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Happening Now: Personal Learning Networks for Educators. Please share - why do you connect with other educators online? What do you get out of it?

And bonus points for everyone who replies on Friday evening. :)
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I do it because there are so many great educators out there. Why constantly reinvent the wheel. If someone has come up with something awesome that works for them, I want to know about it! I have gotten so many great ideas from social media.

It also helps me feel normal, and have a support group that understands what teachers are going through. After a great edchat I often go to school the next day energized to try new things.
I agree with everything David said. I also connect with other teachers to learn-if I can't do something I'll put it out there to my PLN and inevitably I get a helpful response-sometimes from the other side of the world!!It's also good to get a global persepective, reading about and learning from international educators helps me to gain a global perspective which, in turn, helps me teach my students how to be global citizens.I also live in the U.S. but was born and raised in the U.K.-keeping in touch with educators there helps me feel connected culturally as well as educationally.
I connect with others online in the same ways Pauline and Dave do-- I get so many ideas-- and quick responses and solutions to dilemmas-- in ways I could never in the teacher's lounge. I also love making collaborations with other teachers around the world for cool projects!
I have found multiple tech ed resourceful friends plus the convos are intelligent and witty--a great combination!
Back when G+ was in beta, a lot of art educators started a collaboration world wide. It is always great to see what others are doing in the same subject area and share best practices. 
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