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Mark W. Smith
Editor, Mobile Web, The Washington Post. Former Detroiter. Lover of things.
Editor, Mobile Web, The Washington Post. Former Detroiter. Lover of things.

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Great #longread today.

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"He was a really nice guy."

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Google uses Detroit trek to show off the new Google Maps for Android. Very cool.

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Digging Vizify's visual bio.

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Something we're pumped about.

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Do you agree?

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So lovely.
Time for a new image! This is a totally different look for me, but it's grabbed me deep inside since it first showed up on the back of my camera. 
It's different for me because usually I am looking for things to ADD into the frame, not shoot with an empty landscape. But, at the top of South Sister, in a snow-filled crater there was literally nothing around! So, I tried some shots out and then was amazed to discover I loved the emptiness of it. Oh, and this is ISO 8000 on the new 1Dx! 

New "style" for me, but I like it. I'm not finished processing it, but I really wanted to get a version up online for you to see.
What do you think?

Also, in case you missed it- on the same night I shot this, we did a 1Dx vs 5D3 shoot off for the best Canon star shooting camera. Sample images, notes, and winner is shown here in this blog:

+Brian Matiash let's go shoot one night later in August! 
+Scott Jarvie I would say wish you could have joined us up here, but the hike up sucked! 
+Ron Garan this is the closest to stars in Space I think I'll get ;-)

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