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Mark Traphagen
Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority
Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority

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Does Google Sniff Out New Web Pages from Google Analytics?

Because Google has access to any data in Google Analytics, some suspect that they might use it to discover and index new pages on the web. We set up a careful trap to catch them at it...if they do!

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The immense Power of the Personal in Social & Content Marketing

Learn why your brand should be developing and supporting Personal Brand Representatives to connect with your target audience!

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Find out why your pages have a need for speed to improve your #SEO

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The Right Way to Do an Informative SEO Audit

An SEO audit is critical to getting your site as prepared as it can be to do well in search. In this guide, learn the most crucial elements of an audit.

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Why Does Authority Matter to SEO?
Here's Why Videos

Even though "authority" isn't a distinct ranking factor in the Google algorithms, it has an important effect on SEO. We explain why in under six minutes!

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How badly do major ecommerce sites mess up their SEO? Pretty badly as it turns out. See what our study revealed.

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Why UX and content quality are part of SEO

Are user experience and content quality on your #SEO checklist? Find out why they should be in our Here's Why video!

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Wake Up Your Sleeping Beauty Content!

If you produce content regularly, you probably have some "Sleeping Beauties," content that deserves a big audience but never got it. Here's how to wake it up and make it work for you!

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Why do social networks monkey with our timelines?
Here's Why Videos

Nearly all major social networks now have algorithmically-controlled timelines as their fault. That means they decide what you see, and how much you see from each person or brand you follow.

Even though many of the most vocal social media users constantly protest that policy, there is no indication that the networks are going to back away from it. Why? Find out in our video!

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Why Anchor Content Is KEY to Content Marketing Success

"Good content must die!" Wait...what? Why would we want to kill "good" content? Because good content is the enemy of anchor-level content, and you must create anchor content to have any hope of success in content marketing.

Find out why, and what we recommend you do!

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