No, Matt Cutts Did NOT Refute Shepard's Post About Google +1's & Search Rankings

This morning I shared with you what I think is a very significant post by +Cyrus Shepard which was unfortunately titled "Amazing Correlation Between Google +1's and Higher Search Rankings."

Sure there was an amazing correlation. But Cyrus goes on to explain why. In a nutshell, it is not the number of +1's that causes the ranking lifts, but the shares those plusses generate that contain followed links back to the post.

So now there's a thread at Hacker News that many are sharing as a "refutation" by Google's +Matt Cutts of Cyrus's thesis (linked below).

NO he does NOT rebut Cyrus's post. He rebuts the TITLE, which I think was poorly chosen.

In a reply Cyrus challenges him on this. The thesis of the post is really not that it's the number of +1's that drive ranking but the shares those generate in G+ that have followed links back to the shared page.

Matt avoids that for several exchanges, but finally farther down when asked again about Cyrus's challenge, says,

"Most of the initial discussion on this thread seemed to take from the blog post the idea that more Google +1s led to higher web ranking. I wanted to preemptively tackle that perception."

So....he admits that the ONLY thing he's refuting is that +1's drive ranking. Duh. Cyrus and I could have told you that months ago. This is typically crafty "plausible deniability" speech by Cutts. He never will say, "yes, links from Google+ posts pass PageRank authority and therefore affect search rankings." He doesn't need to. He knows that those of us who have studied the already know that. It's a done deal.

So please people. Read carefully, OK? Tagging +Moz 
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