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Join Me In Some Mischief?

Amir Efrati, who declared in the Wall Street Journal that "Google+ Is a Ghost Town" just posted one of his "post and run" posts, with which he almost never engages, here on Google+:

I just left a comment there calling to order a meeting of The Ghost Town. Join me there. Leave a ghostly comment. Maybe just say "boo."

Share this. Let's ghost bomb him!
Hey Google fans, big changes are coming to your search engine. +Amit Singhal talks about Google's push into semantic search and we give you a (written)…
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With pleasure - be there shortly. :)
I'm willing to play as long as it's in good spirit!
Thanks to everyone who's sharing this and participating. We're up to 61 comments on his post already!
This is quality entertainment? He'll be #whatshot next! lol
May I suggest Tagging the post, for example with these: #shareme #funtodo #seethis #readthis #dothis
after countless calls (all over G+) to show +Amir Efrati wrong in kindly questioning the dwindling activity on G+...
there's barely 300+ comments by even fewer "ghosts".
This post is now 2 days old & even tho, kind Sire, you have 10,000+ peers in your public circles;
a mere 12 comments & 54 shares have been achieved.
Sorta proves his point rather tellingly.
haha thx, sorry ya missed the point-anyways,,,
I'm almost feeling like i've stepped into a vortex of those who stuck around too long on friendster or...eek myspace! haha
Ah +Dapper Gatsby point not missed at all. See, the more you comment the more you become the point. And the more wraithlike you become. Just keep on engaging in this place where no one engages. Love it.
Hey, i'm not denying there aren't some passionate & engaging Souls on here. Not very many anymore tho...
Yet puffing up the comment count by a fractional segment of an overwhelmingly inactive population seems more like going out with a whimper & not a bang.
A death of response from so many circles who have reposted this very same article
(thus how I came across your lovely world) seems sorta sad. I am cheered up tho by your ebullient outlook on things and shall happily play along.
As the saying goes +Dapper Gatsby YMMV. A great many of us are obviously living in a very different Google+ world than you do. I get many dozens the times the engagement here compared to any other social network (and I'm very active on a number of others), and the conversation from my circles is way more intelligent too.
+Mark Traphagen ... one can't deny, that +Dapper Gatsby has a point ... i love G+, but i'm not a blind fanatic ...

one also has to see though, that facebook (with its 850.000.000 members) doesn't look much better ... the same post over there might get a slightly higher response, but mainly because people over there often know each other in real life and it is far easier to get your friends to join in some mischief than people you don't actually know and who follow you out of interest in what you post rather than your person ... is facebook therefore a ghost town too? ...

i think the point is, what do you want to get out of G+? ... as you might know (if you actually follow my posts and i think dapper makes a good job of pointing out, that not many people actually read what we are writing, independent from our follower counts), i've had a G+ identity crisis for just this reason several weeks ago ... i took a leave of absence to rethink what i wanted to get out of G+ ...

i now have my own little ghost town here at G+ ... it is built for almost 3.200 souls (my follower count) and populated by maybe 50 (no way of telling, but that's the amount of people who seem to interact with my posts) ... if you translate that into RL, you can imagine, that it really looks like a ghost town ... after meditating over my reason for being at G+ i'm quite happy with that though ... you see, in RL i live in a town of about 45.000 souls ... i don't know each and every one of them and though i might have seen most of them in the streets at one time or another i don't interact with them ... i might have actually met about a couple of thousand of them, but i don't actively regularly socialise with those either ... i interact (to a varying degree) with maybe 50 to 100 ... same way the other way around ...

thousands of people know me (or of me) in my town, but do they all constantly follow me around? ... no, they don't ... do i join in every mischief they suggest to me? ... no, i don't ... mostly because i don't often know about their little devilish actions (other wise, knowing me, i probably would), because i don't follow them around continuously and secondly, because if i do know about it i might not feel like joining in, for reasons of my own ...

another example ... let's take a real town of 10.000 inhabitants and let's imagine something is really wrong there ... let's imagine the owner of a huge factory there is doing some kind of scam that will cost thousands of workers there jobs and will effect the whole community to one degree or another ... one active person calls for a protest march in front of the town hall ... the scam effects everybody and everybody should be interested and act, but is that the case? ... will you have 10.000 people at that town hall? ... no, you'll be lucky if you get a couple of hundred to move their bums and do something ... does that mean the town is deserted? ... would you call it a ghost town? ...

so +Dapper Gatsby, though i do follow your point, i believe you are wrong ... i believe that the fact that only 300 people joined in the mischief does not prove, that G+ is a ghost town ... it is populated with millions of active people ... it's just that not everybody constantly interacts with everybody else ... not everybody who follows you actually does ... they probably unloaded you in a circle read when you don't have anything better to do where you are stuck without ever catching their attention ... and even the people who do interact with you on a regular basis might be too complacent (or have their own private reasons) to join in a mischief like this ... that doesn't make it a ghost town though ... it just makes it more like sharing in real life (sorry +Google+ for stealing your motto here) ...
So well said +Jens Graikowski! We have to manage expectations. There was a study a few months ago that showed that 95% of all the activity on Twitter is generated by less than 5% of the profiles there. It's always going to be that way. All social networks "suffer" from the reality that only a small portion of their signed up users every really use the site voraciously.

I think then that knowing that is the same for everyone, Google actually has an advantage. If you understand what G+ is really all about (about providing a social glue, recommendation and targeted-ad generator for Google search, as well as aggregating identity across all Google products), you understand that Google doesn't need everyone, or even humongous numbers of people, to use G+ as a social network for it to be successful in their eyes. Nearly everyone signed in to Google now is "using" and being influenced by Google+, even if they never fill out their profile or make a single post here.
People need to become "Content creaters" not just spitting out others tired old content!  Photography is HUGE on G+ - it creates NEW content :)
Think of something NEW & post it on G+ :)
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