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How to Use Your Personal Google+ Profiles to Build Your Business Brand

My latest post for the +Windmill Networking blog of +Neal Schaffer. Tying a powerful personal brand to your Google Plus brand page can have incredible reciprocal results for growing an engaged following for both.

This ties in nicely with my interview by +Peter G McDermott the other day on "How to Build Your Personal Brand Online"

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good post's soooo commonplace with you ...must be magic
Thanks for the kind words! +Ron Serina the secret is to always make it look like magic ;-) In reality, I think my ability to write these how to posts that people seem to really like comes in part from my years as a middle school teacher, where I learned how to break something down into its essential parts and explain them clearly.
Really enjoyed the article Mark. Very few people writing as well as you about G+ right now.
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