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Fewer Google+ Users Follow the Network Brand Account than Facebook or Twitter Users

Does this figure surprise you? Does it mean anything? In this post I make some guesses at possible reasons for the disparity. I'd love to hear from you if you have other ideas!

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The percentage of users on social media who follow the brand accounts of the networks they use varies widely. Why?
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well it makes no sense to follow +Google+ because we hear stuff from other sources first.
That's an interesting idea +Stephan Hovnanian. Certainly more Google+ users talk about Google+ than Facebook users talk about Facebook. And you're right, the grapevine network here often is better at getting out information about the network than G+ is themselves.
but then there's also this: if you find one or two people on each network who not only cover the change but also give you an idea or two on how to adapt/use it, you're better off. +Mari Smith for example, I make sure I see all her posts on Facebook. 
I've also been curious about how some networks use other networks, and have started to make notes for a blog. For instance, +Yahoo! and +LinkedIn are quite busy here. 
+Bernd Rubel heres' why we didn't include all of that: the vast majority of people don't think of Google+ as being all those things. They still see them as completely separate things.

Sure we Google+ cognoscenti understand differently, but most people don't (which has been one of the challenges with helping people understand the value of G+)
Maybe Facebook users, in general, Like more pages and do it more frequently.
I removed +Google (and some other Google pages) from my circles, as they started with a lot of 'awesome' posts, without much relevant information.

+Mark Traphagen id echo ... Google has multiple channels via which they already categorize news, plus there's the fact that Google team members are on here, with large follower numbers, often disseminating news. I think because of that fact, g+ users who have circled those people probably feel much more connected to new developments than the larger numbers that have followed fb or twitter. I see it as being analagous to Google+ being the family name, the Individual projects and people are the family members you want to stay in touch with. Some of that is apparent to folks here since beta, much less so for new users who can find the seemingly disparate components confusing
I agree that there are so many official Google+ related accounts, I don't even know if I have the main one circled. And there is absolutely no way/no reason I would follow the official Twitter or Facebook brand accounts, even though I am active on all three. 
+Janice Mansfield that is an excellent point, and I can't believe I overlooked it!

I just added it as an update on the blog post with full credit to you. Thanks!
I think it's simply because people are not aware of Google+
I think +Stephan Hovnanian has a point about other sources there too.  I do follow some Google accounts, but I rarely get much value out of them.  I find more out from you than I do from them. :D

I also think that "non-professional" users may not see "Google" as some sort of unified entity.  They probably don't much care what Google is doing in general.
I am not following any of the Google+ Facebook or twitter official accounts and frankly speaking i have no idea why i am not following. However tends to agree with what +Janice Mansfield is pointing out.
+Dale Day the point of this particular article relates to users of a network who don't follow the network's own brand pages on that network. So your earlier comment doesn't really make sense in this context. 
Sorry. I clearly didn't understand it.
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