How Google+ Has Changed Search

You keep hearing that with the introductions of Google+ and Google "Search plus Your World" that Google is up to something major with search. But what is really happening? Is this a revolutionary change? Why is Google willing to mess so dramatically with the formula that made their name synonymous with "find it on the web?"

Read this informative post by +Ronnie Bincer to get answers to those questions, and make sure to watch the brief (and very entertaining!) video included. Especially for a certain Very Special Guest Cameo Appearance ;-)

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How Google Plus Has Changed Search Forever!

Word of Mouth Advertising 24/7 Online...
Armed with plenty of information about about what your friends have recommended on the Internet, Google is now cranking it up on the Google Search Results Pages. More and more features are being pushed live that connect you with your friends and what they have liked (+1'ed ) on Your Search Results pages.

Have you +1'ed any websites lately? Sure you have. Well, guess what... when you do that, Google elevates the site and lets your friends know you liked that site when they search for similar information in Google Search... Changing Google Search forever!

Google has even built in a Handy Thank Your Friend for the Tip function which is highlighted in this fun and informative video about a dog looking for the world's best 'Tasty Dog Bones' and how his 'man' happened upon a recommendation from his friend online (while he was doing the search).

Read the informative article, watch the video and share the good news... Google Plus Has Changed Search Forever And you're part of it!

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